A Now Word for Scotland!


“Listen!  For there is a new sound of freedom that is coming out of the heart of Scotland in this hour!”

While walking with the LORD very early this morning I was praying again for the Nations, when suddenly I heard a sound in the realms of the spirit, it was a very clear and a very distinct sound, it was the sound of bagpipes playing in the distance.

I stopped to listen and as I pressed into the LORD, I heard the Father say, “Daughter, do you hear it?

For there is a new sound of Freedom that is coming out of the heart of Scotland in this hour.

It is a sound that heralds an open Heaven, an open door and a great Harvest of souls, it is the sound of Kingdom Awakening in the land.  

WATCH!  For now an Army of Mighty Kingdom Bravehearts will Arise, Shine and Go forth clothed in My Glory, Authority and Power.  These are the Mighty Awakeners of Revival and Reformation in the land, these are the Warriors of Freedom whom I have Called, Anointed, Appointed and Armed to War in a new way, for a new day is now dawning in this Nation.”

On hearing these powerful words, suddenly I saw an army of Mighty Freedom Fighters coming out of Scotland carrying a banner which read, “KINGDOM REVOLUTION.”  This mighty army moved and marched strategically, their strength and might was in their Unity and Vision.

They advanced across the land in great power, great authority and with great precision.  I watched as the army first moved to the South and then they marched West, and then they turned again and advanced to the North and then to the East of the Nation.

Now As they marched and moved across the land, the sound of Freedom that they carried filled the whole atmosphere.  I watched as the powers of darkness that has covered the land began to lift and shift.

I saw mighty strongholds of passivity and complacency that have kept so many in the Nation bound, confined and ineffective ‘suddenly’ being dismantled and destroyed by the governmental power and authority that was carried on the shoulders of these mighty Kingdom Bravehearts.

Then, as I looked again in the spirit at these mighty Awakeners.  I heard the Spirit say, “The sleeping giant is awakening in the land.

Daughter watch, for the dry bones are now coming together.  Lift up your voice and begin to prophesy to the four winds.  Prophesy breath.  Prophesy new life.  Prophesy awakening and prophesy victory and freedom to all four corners of the nation.”

I immediately obeyed the LORD, and I began to release the word as He instructed.  Suddenly I felt the earth beneath my feet begin to tremble and then I felt mighty shock waves of His Power, Glory and Freedom going forth across the whole Nation

Then I saw what looked like an ancient door open in the realms of the Spirit, and Angels dressed in pure light began to descend upon the Nation.

My eyes were captivated by their beauty and their radiance.  I could see that in their hands they carried golden bowls filled with golden oil.  I watched as these most powerful and beautiful Angelic beings began to advance swiftly across the land and as they moved they poured out the golden oil upon the ground.

Then suddenly a mighty Whirlwind of fire began to form as the oil was being poured out upon the whole Nation.

Then again I heard the Spirit speak, “WATCH, for now the mighty Whirlwind of Power and the Spirit of Elijah comes to bring forth the BIRTHING of a New Kingdom Age, a New Kingdom movement and a Mighty outpouring of Greater Signs, Wonders and Miracles in this Nation.”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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