It’s In Your Heart!


When the enemy comes in like a flood, it’s not until that happens, that you know what you will do when it does.

All of us need a much needed case of transparency, with ourselves.  It took a lot of growing up for many of us to realize, that we do indeed hide things from our own awareness.

Since we were to be so redeemed, we’d never have imagined that our heart might actually be deceitful.   And when we received His Holy Spirit into our spirits, we never thought we could ever become deceitful again.

“Search me LORD, search me LORD.  Just turn the light from heaven on my soul.  If you find anything that should not be, take it out, and straighten me…..”

It did not occur to me until just now, that our elders of the day were singing that wonderful old song, after they had received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

When we heard that Paul said that he had to die daily, it might not have sunk in with many of us.  Now, he could not have been that big of a sinner; could he?  I think that he was confessing, that self, battled him every single day.

What would we do if God did not know our hearts?  What if He only judged us by what He saw on the outside?

We’re caught up in this argument today, that God allowed us the freedom to do whatever we were pleased to do.  We can’t tolerate the idea that even when we went astray, He knew we would return one day.

It seems that our lack of true spiritual growth, won’t allow us to accept that many of the things we endured, He himself allowed.  It could not possibly be true that some of the mistakes and errors we made, would in the end, turn out for the best.  We might save others, because of it.

There was a time when I had a very special love for a certain group of people in my community.  It was totally uncommon and even rare for anyone to feel a connection, an absolute bonding for them.

One day I asked one of the ministers just how was it, that I would have such a depth of love and concern for them; when no one else there did.  His answer was simple: “God, put that special love in you heart.  It came from Him.”  Oh that we knew, the deeper workings of the heart of God; just how much and how far, He will go for us.  For God, so loved the world.  Do we still see that today?

He put it in the heart of Nehemiah, to rebuild the city of Jerusalem; starting with the very walls themselves.  In spite of all odds against it, he rallied the people together to restore what had been lost.

God knew his heart and He knew exactly whom to choose for the work that needed to be done.  God is looking for that same kind of people today.  Don’t you think that He knew Job would come through in the end?  He trusted Job, and He knew what was in his heart.

One might ask, just why would God allow such things to come upon him?   We need to see, that Job lost so much more than any of us ever have.

Can we grasp in this hour, that if God has put something inside our hearts, nothing or no one, can take it out?

Our finite understanding of His reality cannot accept that so much about us was planned before the foundation of the world.  Yes, we can go astray; just as dear Jonah did; he actually ran as hard as he could in the opposite direction.

Many of us know it often takes a whale’s belly experience to humble us.  We were given a choice.  And not all men are spared from destruction, if they choose to deny Him.

Can we see that pure and simple repentance, could change the entire course of things?

The Spirit sees our heart.  We might hide our true feelings and selves from others; but not from Him.  Through gifts given to others in the body of Christ, they can also see what the Spirit sees.

That is why so many places have striven so hard to prevent these gifts from being promoted in the church.  Those with selfish intentions and deceit from envious and jealous hearts, are often obvious to someone in the Spirit.

And the church as many of us knew it, could not stand that; the Spirit, sees from the top, to the bottom.

If we wish to stand and be used of Him in this hour, no matter what, it’s because that is in our hearts.  Our true humility, proves, it to be so.

~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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