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A Now Word to the Prophets!  The Brook Has Dried Up! — 7 Comments

  1. Who are these widows? My bible dictionary shows the root of the Hebrew word for widow (H490) is metaphorically used for a state bereft of its king.

  2. Yes…WOG! The Spirit of Revelation: 1Kings 17 KJV – The prophet Elijah fed by Ravens – a bird that settles and feeds on carcasses/dead things – yet it was Provision for a season by the Sovereign Hand of God – move to morsels multiplied by the Master from the hand of a Widow who had bread (meal) and oil – To LIVE…!

    The Gates: we know in the OT represent commerce, business, social structure etc. The Widow Nations that lost ‘covering’ of GOD shall see Restoration/Resurrection as The Apostolic and Prophetic Movement – Advance the Kingdom of God. Yes.

    • clarity: 1Kings 17: KJV The provision from Raven an unclean bird – Sometimes God will meet needs, sustain His people w/resources from unlikely places.

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