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Oh America — Oh, Say Can You See — The Signs? — 5 Comments

  1. In Britain they’d be baffled at the idea that the British-American war of 1812 was a second war of independence. Then again, less than 25% of Brits will have ever heard of that war. Strange but true.
    I live in Britain. I like the story of Fort McHenry. If you fire 1500 cannon balls in 25 hours and nothing happens, that is quite funny. The Royal Navy must have been super embarrassed. Then again, they’d just burnt down Washington so I guess they didn’t feel very defeated.

    Perspective is very important here. Similarly, perspective is very interesting in the modern bridge collapsing, the bridge next to the fort. Ask yourself this question: what nationality was the ship captain, who hit the modern bridge. His profile has been scrubbed from at least one online official database.

    • Thank you Adrian – for your interesting post. Sorry I’m replying late- just saw it now. Enjoyed your insight from ‘across the pond’ as they say.

      You know – I too have wondered of the person steering the ship – background. But you know – the ‘media’ here – not to mention ‘social media’ is filled w/ such half-truths, and narratives these days – it’s so agenda-driven, that one really has to go to the Lord- search things out – for truth. The days of assuming whatever the news media says is ‘accurate reporting’ is long over.

      So we take it day-by-day, and let the Lord teach us Truth – per His just weights & measures. Thank u

  2. Very awesome and beautiful message dear sister Elizabeth.  I hope many, many people will see this message and repent before it is too late!!! We need to be closer to the Lord in these last days like never before and cry for souls to be saved.  Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Elizabeth, BRILLIANT!!!

    AWESOME words of TRUTH, AWAKENING, & LOVE from Papa, to stir up the RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE, & WARRIOR within all those who dare to read it!

    Papa says, “You waited, you heard, & you were obedient to Me, even though many distractors & other spirits were sent your way, to try pull you off the track of My Heart for you. You marched forward without fear, or the “what ifs”, you left them behind in the dust, with GREAT COURAGE! HA! HA! HA!  As ONE OF MY TRUE VALIANT ONES!  Well done, My BELOVED!  Well done.”

    BELOVED, wonderful example you have set for those who are fearful, or have given up. WONDERFUL!!!  BLESSINGS! Bev

    • Dear Beverley-

      Your encouraging words came at the right time – as unexpected battles have come before /after I pray and write lately. Your comment is healing- and I so appreciate it. Thank you Lord for Beverley. Shalom Sister.

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