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A Prayer Against Financial Thieves and Scammers — 10 Comments

  1. I ask the Lord for financial Blessings. I ask the Lord to Protect me from all crimes & Bank frauds & Bad Checks. I love my freedom & my career. In the name of Jesus Amen Signed By Miss Candis Shereece Swinney & Baby Israel Rawlinson Passee I am thankful for Rockdale County Police Department. I am not a thief & I am not a criminal. I obey all laws of United States of America including my birth son Israel.  Protect my credit report in the name of Jesus. Protect me from all scams Amen I am a proud new Mommy to my birth son Israel Amen

  2. I really need prayers im going through this now….i have hope nd faith that God will surely fight for me …over this scammers

  3. Thank you for the timely warfare prayer.  This is so relevant for today’s scammers. I have one who persists. His own family is shunning him but he bullies his way into staying. He knows he will flounder on his own. He is supervised by men a generation younger than he is.  He is connected to a man made church and doctrine as his wall of protection. Person is only interested in anti social sexual behavior and spends what money he earns on drugs and alcohol.  May his days be few.

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