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  1. Hear our prayer, O Lord, hear our prayer!

    Save to the uttermost, save to the highest!

    Hosanna! Hosanna!

    For the glory of Your name, Lord, for the glory of Your name!

    Let Your name be known to the nations, let it be lifted up!

    Have pity on Your name, Oh Lord and come down!

    Come down and fill us with Your presence, Your holy fire!

    For the innocent who suffer Lord, who cannot tell their right hand from their left,

    For Your mutilated creation, Lord, held down in frustration,

    Heavenly Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, release them!

    Shake the earth! Shake it free! Shake it free!

    All day long they suffer. the earth is groaning under the weight of spilled blood-

    all day long Your name is profaned in the sight of the nations

    Lay bare Your holy arm and come down among us-

    Let Yourself be clearly seen and glorified and lift up and have mercy on Your name

    oh Living, Eternal and merciful God, Father, Abba!



    I’m crying out to You! I’m crying out to You!

    Come down and let Yourself be seen in and among us-

    in Your mighty saving acts

    in Your righteousness and Your mercy,

    in Your steadfast love.

    This is Your will:

    And Abba purposed that through and by the service, and the intervention of Jesus the Son, all things should be completely reconciled back to Himself, whether on earth or in heaven, as through Jesus, the Father made peace by means of the blood of His cross.

    This is Your glorious purpose, Father God!

    Now let Thy will be done on earth, as it is heaven!

    Bring forth Your purpose, according to Your will,

    Here is Your Word!

    According to Your word let it be done now, Abba!

    According to the blood of the Lamb shed on the cross, let it be done!

    Now by the blood of Your Son, let it be done!

    By the name of Your only begotten Son, Your precious well beloved Son
    who went to the cross according to Your will and laid down His innocent life
    and poured out His blood upon the cross,

    I am asking You, Abba-

    Bring Your purpose forth now on the earth.

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