Testimony Time!


The LORD told me to share this today.  God gave me so much confirmation yesterday in our service, confirmation of what He is doing!  I am so grateful.  Testimony time.  This is real.

People have no clue the sacrifices of obedience I’ve made in these last 12 years of submission in saying, “Yes” to the call,  Jesus!  Submission is not easy.  Wars, wars and more wars, yet we must know that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers us out of them all!  God is faithful no matter what it looks like.

Nicodemus asked a question, concerning the blind man, “Which one sinned, him or his parents?”  Jesus responded neither have sinned, but this is for the glory of God to be manifested.  And he healed the blind man.

When God allows adversity, its for a greater purpose.  It may not make sense to us, but God knows what He is doing.  Its for the glory of God to be manifested!

After years of running from a call I didn’t understand, and surrendering my life totally to God, in April of 2004, after repenting from sin, and then getting laid off work, in September of 2004, I was commanded by God, to leave corporate America in 2004, to walk out this serious faith journey.

12 years of pure faith.  And somebody needs to hear this today.  Life or death, you need this Word.  God is not done with you yet!

You feel like giving up now, because you don’t understand why all this is happening to you – secret things that people don’t know.  So please listen to some of my story.  This is only part of the story….!

This is the 12th year.  And the faith I have had to walk out has been crazy, yet the miracles continue, and God continues to show himself strong!  Only God!

Don’t ever look at people and make assumptions.  You all don’t know my story.  You all don’t know how many times my life was threatened, over and over.  The crazy car accident on Thanksgiving Day in 2007, that I walked away from after hydroplaning across 4 lanes on 85 South; the painful divorce in 2008; the bouts of adultery; the mistresses I had to minister to, yes!

And the witches and warlocks, pretending to be God’s servants but who came to kill, steal and destroy.  But God, but God kept me through it all.  Many tears, but I survived.

I am a miracle.  So many secret sacrifices and many times, missing the mark.  Trusting the wrong people, over and over, but through it all, it made me stronger.

I must give God the glory.  Don’t look at me and judge!  You don’t know my story.  9,000 Facebook followers, but you all don’t know what this cost me.

I never asked for any of this, but this anointing, this prophetic voice, cost me my life.

23 years of salvation.  10 years of running, feeling so misunderstood.  Called to both the ministry and the marketplace.  Moving with wind, as God commands his prophets.  Being misjudged, because of how I look, but God!

Almost choked to death, but God!  And He is not finished yet, help me LORD.  He has birthed a steadfast and immovable faith in me, through many, many trials, tests, pain, joy and tribulations.  I have met some wonderful people through some of the most painful experiences.

Chosen one.  You made it through all that mess, now expect the best.

God says,  “Expect the unexpected.  You will give like a Kingdom winner, and because you endured, this elevation won’t overtake you.

We are born to win, born to overcome.  So the anointing on our lives can be cultivated and used for his glory.

God says,  “Do not dim your light for anyone.  Do not minimize My glory, show them that through it all, I AM a keeper…..  I will use every trial, and every test.

All that was stolen from you, will be restored 7 fold, 7 times over.  Do you believe me?

Do you trust me?  They don’t know now, but they will know later.”

“Stand on it,” says God.  “I would not let the enemy take you out.  I brought you out, over and over.  

And over and over for My glory.  Though many hate you in their carnality, I have loved you in My loyalty.  I shed My blood, you carried your cross.  And this too, is for my glory.

Tell them I will bring them out beloved.  Tell then to give me their all.  Let them know that My power is real.  Though an army may be encamped about you, I AM your weapon of war! (Psalm 23)  The tares are real, but My power will always be greater.

Just trust in me and let me do it my way, (Jeremiah 17).

Your pain was not about you, just as my pain was not about me.  You share in My sufferings, so you can share in My glory.

Let them mock you, but they will never, ever stop you from shining, because of My hand!  My hand is on your life.  You shine for me….  Shine for me beloved, I AM with you now and forever, I AM yours and you are Mine.

Now watch me make your **now** enemies your permanent footstool  I AM that I AM, I AM the LORD, I change not.”


~ Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell
Crown Jewel Ministries.
Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.

End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne KendellEnd Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne Kendell




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Testimony Time! — 4 Comments

  1. Praise The LORD for this on-time word. What a blessing. I am overjoyed and I believe. HALLELUJAH!

  2. Believe me, I DO understand.  My husband has gone through 14 years.  Not exactly the same, but I totally relate to what you are saying.  We too, lost everything – finances, family, friends….everything.  But God has told us that it IS over and we are just waiting to see what He has in store.  It’s going to be amazing!  Thank you so much for your testimony, I know it’s going to help a lot of people.

  3. thank you for your open heart, what a blessing you are! So have i been in a battle for 13 years now and wondering if God will ever show me his purpose for my life . I am 48 years old and still don’t know my purpose

  4. It is in fact true that the True and Living God, Jesus Christ will avenge the enemy of our soul, Satan! Every since the beginning the wicked one has attempted to use part truths mixed with false information in an effort to Kill, STEAL and deSTROY, BUT God is fighting for us (His people) and as you referenced…NO WEAPON WILL EVER PROSPER!!! EVER!!! Thank God for the blood and ALWAYS exposing the evil tactics!