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A Prayer of Repentance for America — 24 Comments

  1. FYI: World Missionary Press, Inc.  prints their stuff in all languages and sends out tons of pamphlets, etc…… for free.  Their address is: P.O. box 120, New Paris, IN 46553-0120 USA

  2. As Christian’s we need to surrender to the word of God. It is the final authority on every issue in this life. Using human feelings or human wisdom or rational even if it seems right to you has no place. Check everything out in God’s word and ask Him what is right.Ask and you will receive,and wait on the Lord for His answer.And when He answers you will know His heart and will. Th God be the glory.Amen

  3. I thank God that He has appointed Mark Taylor for a time such as this.  He has been a real comfort to many by sharing what God has given to us for encouragement and admonishing is to get into the fight for our nation.  I am anticipating what great things God has for us.


  4. Although I am a charismatic Born again Christian (since 1984), I do not agree with some
    of your prayer. What we know from Bible that in the endtimes, that many will turn from
    the faith (& we are seeing some of that), many get into unrepented sin. I don’t care for
    much in the charismatic community -i.e. prosperity teaching. When one travels to some
    nations & see Christians -we are shocked -no clean water, no electric & often no shelter.

    AND there are not Bible translations for many groups. There are over 5,000 languages spoken today -many have no written lang let alone a Bible translation.

    The Bible tells us the world will be evangelized B4 the end -that has not taken place
    yet & I most certainly am not pre-trib, nor mid-trib.  It was not an early teaching,
    but began in 1800.

    The Bible tells us one of the ways He disciplines us (Christians) is through

    Another problem I have -is if we combined Christians (eliminating liberals);
    Roman Catholics, Messianic Jews & Orthodox, the last I read we are about 40% of

    There is much sin in the church -often covered up.

    Roe v. Wade will not be overturned – most people -incl many Christians want abortion.
    We tend to forget B4 legal abortions -illegal abortions were around & people going
    to other places.
    I’ll be 76 -I had an abortion when women were going to NY to have them performed (I
    live in Fla.) I was saved when I was 12, but certainly didn’t live it until a commitment
    in 1983/84. I also am OK w/abortion for rape, incest or med issues for mother in FIRST
    TRIMESTER.  I did see movie “UNPLANNED” a year or so ago.

    • Abortion is NEVER OK regardless of the situation. If you are a follower of Christ, and read the Bible, you know that the Word of God says He weaved you in the womb. If is for Him to take you when you want. I pray you repent–the gates of Heaven are narrow….

  5. Hi Mark I am wondering if the military really is involved in demolishing these underground DUMB’s and rescuing children?  If so how is that going?  I want to pray with detail about these children.

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