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  1. Hi Ken- Please find below my current understanding of Daniel Chapter 7, as I read thru it immediately after reading your post…

    DANIEL 7: revelation insights-

    As I read thru Daniel 7, I believe I began to see some awesome insights into what this chapter is saying in modern names & terms, which is an on-going revelation experience.  If I may now lend a testimony as to what I think I’m seeing here, it may help some others to better understand this prophetic script as well.  Please share back with us any other insights you may have gained from the Lord, especially if I seem to be amiss on any of the following details…

    Dan 7:1-6, a description of various ruling kingdoms of the earth that arose from the ‘sea of mankind’ in Daniel’s vision of the end days…

    7:7, speaking of the 4th beast kingdom, we see that this beast (rise of the 4th Reich) will rule diversely from the preceding kingdoms with the help of alien beings of great & unusual powers above those of men, evidenced by the prophetic notation of iron and steel/brass teeth & claws, whereas the feet of the beast mentioned in other places is of clay mixed with iron, or men and alien hi-breds, (ie: the Anannaki or Nephilim giants).  This is what makes the beast exceedingly strong, plus his satanic empowerment.  Also, that they stamped/persecuted the residue/remaining people/church with ‘the feet’/boots/army of the beast, seems to indicate that the antiChrist will command an army of the devil’s children, even the hi-bred alien/human mixtures of beings subject to his rule, indicated by the iron & clay mixture of the feet, mentioned elsewhere.  This 4th beast is diverse in that it has a kind of super-power by it’s association with alien breeds/gods/beings.  It seems the 10 horns represents it’s power-base of the nations that back & support it, some have said could be a kind of ‘united nations’ power base, or trade/money consortium.  This verse shows this beast will ‘break in pieces’ the church system, under a severe persecution.  This is speaking of the church of man prevalent today, not necessarily the Living body of Christ, or those who know the Lord individually. 

    7:8, this verse shows the particular order of which the antiChrist beast will arise out from an evil group of ruling ‘beast men’, in which 3 are already gone/disposed of power, when the 4th beast arises.  Note here that G. H. Bush is already replaced by his son, G. W. Bush, and he has been plucked up/replaced by Bill Clinton, now all 3 beasts gone, and a 4th that has arisen- revealing the exact antiChrist leader as Obama.  It is interesting that this verse refers to Obama as the ’little horn’.  He is actually a very short and small man in stature, not usually allowed to be revealed by the cameras of the MSM.  Regardless of what this beast sounds like, this verse is showing that he will appear to look like a man, tho he is a hi-bred serpentine being. Take note that he is especially referred to in modern day lingo as ’a big mouth’, a man who speaks ’great/mighty/vain/arrogant things.

    7:9, shows us that the vision spanned the years of antiChrist reign until the Lord takes His rightful throne, in the end.  And also indicates that every one of these beast throne/kingdoms will be destroyed, in the flow of time.  For those who can receive it, this verse also indicates the Lord has His own chariot/throne/ufo that appears as burning fire, (or a mobile throne).

    7:10, a great day of judgment coming…

    7:11, the beast will be killed and his dead body given to the ‘burning flame’, or destroyed.

    7:12, we learn here that the rest of the beasts that were removed from power had their lives extended a short while, possibly their last chance for repentance? 

    7:13-14, the Kingdom of our Father is restored to Jesus Christ, His Son, the rightful ruler.

    7:17-18, the interpretation of the message is: The Saints of God will take the Kingdom back from the beast system, and possess it forever and ever.

    7:21-22, the antiChrist will war against the Saints and prevail in the fight for a time, until judgment is given to the Saints to prevail over the beast, at a time when the Kingdom is given to the Saints.  This is the time when the manifestation of the true Sons of God will appear on the earth. 

    7:23, this antiChrist beast system will have it’s way over the whole earth, devouring the powers of the peoples/nations of the earth, and tread it all underfoot for a period of time.  All nations will be subjected/persecuted by these evil powers. 

    7:26, tho all of this power is given to the beast, he will be destroyed when the Kingdom of God’s power is given to the Saints after the short period of their evil rule…

    7:27, the power of the great Kingdom of our God will then be given/transferred to the people called the Saints of Christ, to rule and reign with Him forever. 

    Please use or reprint as the Lord may lead you.  Thanks, rick/AK.

  2. I don’t know if the posts reach the author but I have some understanding of the forth kingdom which may shed som light at the chapter and the times we are in now, because it describes the last kingdom on earth before it will be given back to the Father.
    We often thinks that the kingdoms appears so we can in some way recognize and compare them with ‘kingdoms’ in our times, but God describes things from ancient times and also from times which are not documented by human and the kingdoms are not different countries but king spirits that rules man’s mind that specific time.

    “There is not a remembrance of former generations, and also of the latter that are, there is no remembrance of them with those that are at the last. Eccl.1:11

    When Jesus is on the mountain the devil shows Him his(Satan’s) kingdoms in chronological order from the beginning of times when he, by falling away from God takes dominion on earth;

    “Again doth the Devil take him to a very high mount, and doth shew to him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them Matt.4:8

    Now we are in the last kingdom, the kingdom of death which is described in Rev.6:7-8
    “I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see
    and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”

    This kingdom is described as the ‘forth’ part of the earth but God does not measure in meter but in time. So if eternity is at the clock at 00:00 so is there betweeen (from everlasting to everlasting)00:00 and 00:00 ‘times’, God’s timeframe when things He has spoken shall be finished before closing of the age.

    This means that the forth kingdom is at 21:00 O’Clock, the last quarter in God’s clock.
    This ‘forth’ time is at the same time the forth generation which shall in Christ return to the Father;

    “in the fourth generation they shall come hither again, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full Gen.15:16

    “And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high, whose kingdom (the white horse, the first and the last) is an everlasting kingdom”

    “As sheep for Sheol they have set themselves, Death (the pale horse) doth afflict them, And the upright (the white horse) rule over them in the (next) morning Ps.49:14

    It is out from this kingdom of Death the upright will enter through the Lord which is the ‘door’.
    “upon this rock I will build my assembly, and gates of Hades shall not prevail against it Matt.16:18

    “the people that is sitting in darkness saw a great light, and to those sitting in a region and shadow of (the kingdom of) death light arose to them. Matt.4:16

    Here Jesus proclaims that the white horse and the pale horse
    are so to say standing against each other, kingdom against kingdom God’s Kingdom of Life against the kingdom of death:
    “From THAT time began Jesus to proclaim and to say, `Reform ye, for come nigh hath the reign of the heavens Matt.4:17
    “kingdom against kingdom Matt.24:7

    The ‘times’ of Satan’s kingdoms is also described in Dan.4 when the kingdoms of Nebukadnessar were taken away and then given back when he during the ages has been taught to humble himself before God.

    “Nebuchadnezzar the king to all peoples, nations, and languages, who are dwelling in all the earth (between everlasting and everlasting), Your peace be (if you obey me and not God) great Dan.4:1

    “his heart from man`s is changed, and the heart of a beast is given to him, and seven times pass over him. Dan.4:16

    “The tree that thou hast seen, that hath become great and strong, and its height doth reach to the heavens, and its vision to all the land (between everlasting and everlasting in God’s timetable) Dan.4:20

    “for thou hast become great and mighty, and thy greatness hath become great, and hath reached to the heavens, and thy dominion to the end of (God’s timetable on) the earth; Dan4:22

    And here comes the revelation of that this is in the end of times because the ‘twelve months’ (a month means a full moon)
    did pass in 2015 at the feast of tabernacles when the last tetrad appeared. It was 12 full moons together between 1948-2015 since Israel became a nation;

    “At THE END of twelve months, on the palace of the kingdom of Babylon he hath been walking Dan.4:29

    And at the end of all days in God’s timetable the king (the human who repent) humble himself before God and admit that the Kingdom belongs to God;

    “And at the end of the days I, Nebuchadnezzar, mine eyes to the heavens have lifted up, and mine understanding unto me returneth, and the Most High I have blessed, and the Age-during Living One I have praised and honoured, whose dominion is a dominion age-during, and His kingdom with generation and generation Dan.4:34

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