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A Season of Disentanglement — 8 Comments

  1. Esther
    The day I found this post I knew the Lord was speaking to me.I have been under such oppression from the scourging tongues of men.I am so grateful now for what God is doing . So many lies have been told and by your words spoken.

  2. Praise the Lord! Amen! I felt this Anointed Word of God as well, instantly, God’s Word lined up with my spirit, in the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah Jesus! I receive and embrace this Word from the Lord, believing that God’s Light inside is people cannot be hid, dimmed or extinguished, for He Is That Light that Shines Forever!

    God bless you, Sister Hadassah! Beautiful woman of Great d!️❤️

  3. Praise God! Thank you. The Lord quickened this passage to me after reading your Word. His Ways/Plans are Soooooo Above and Beyond our ways!

    Gen 50:20
    “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”

  4. Yes ! At least twice now, I’ve seen a spiders web, standing seemingly strong. I noticed there were 2 main strands that attached themselves to the web that acted as pillars to the webs stability. I saw a semi visible hand begin to pluck one of these foundational strands and I saw the web begin to shake. But I knew this was not he end of the shaking but the beginning of it. For I sensed the hand begin to move again. So this is the 3rd time this has been brought to me … so I decided to comment … and as I do, I hear these words “Atichoo, Atichoo they all fall down.

    It’s as if God will blow or sneeze or cause an irritation that will cause the whole web to shake and collapse and almost in an instant be gone and be no more. Be it so Lord God in Jesus name . Amen.

  5. Oh my goodness!!!  THANK YOU for this word!  I just got back from a weekend of visiting my family and when I looked at the pictures of me that were taken, I was shocked to see that my countenance was much different than others’ were.  There is a very toxic person in my life that seems to love shaming me and placing word curses all over me and my face reflected the desperation and sadness that I am feeling inside, especially when I see married couples secure in a love that has only grown deeper all the years they have spent together. 
    I was made to shine.  THANK YOU for this wonderful confirmation!  I am His beloved.  I love Him and His love for me is never conditional or based on impossible standards to keep this person on the pedestal of “self” that I can never live up to even if I wanted to.  Now, I eagerly wait for His disentanglement to free me from these horrid webs. <3

  6. God’s vessel Esther, these words are so real & directed at me making it look like you live with me & see all the struggles to disentangle myself from countless accusations, lies, defamatory words e.t.c all hurled at me by people for no offence of mine. Everyday , I say Lord I loose Mercy on them but remember me & fight these battles for me. This is a word that confirms God has heard my many pains/cries & HE is stepped in to turn things around for me! I say Amen to this message! Thank you once more

  7. Well received in The Mighty Name of Jesus.
    So needed and awaited word.
    Our Lord God Almighty is faithful and will make to come to pass his promises.
    In his light is no darkness

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