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  1. TODAY are listed names, whom do pretend to return, without SUBMIT themselves with self individual heart, for abominable conducts from previous HEADS of the last 11 month behind and wash their hands, as Pontius Pilatus did against THE BLOOD of The LAMB.
    Chris Your Teaching is reality path from Nov. 2020.
    Certainly we lost, but our positions are guided by Our FATHER Master in Heaven.

    AMÉN with absolute BLESSSSSSSINGS Thanksgiving to OUR ♥♥♥FATHERS♥♥♥ by Your CALL Message to ♥♥♥HIS Infused Children on Earth. AMÉN..!


    GL 6

    JN 3

    RV 9 to 20

    LK 3

    MT 18

    1 JN 4

    1 JN 2

    JMS 1 to 4

    HEB 13

    2 TI 2


    SELAH for walking with FAITH..!

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