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  1. Thank you for this great confirmation about both ‘midnight’ and ‘prison’ which God has made me pay attention of the last weeks.

    Just a notice about the ‘first’born because we read the Bible from ‘human’ perspective.
    This explanation will perhaps open a door to more understanding and free God, the creator of Life from being accused for to be a murderer because He does not fight the way human does fight.

    The one who is firstborn in our family is the one who started the family line, not the one who was born the last.
    Our forefather was the firstborn.
    So when God said He ‘killed’ the firstborn He did not kill infants. He did through genetic changes stop the first heritage from the forefather.

    2Sam.2:23 is very good example of this strife through the genetic ways.
    In my Swedish Bible the translation says that he killed him through the genitals which explains that the ‘stop’ is the genetic way and also explains why the people ‘stood still’ at the place he was ‘killed’.
    Those who ‘stopped’ where he was killed were the forefathers and that is why they could not move on from that place.

    “Abner smiteth him with the hinder part of the spear unto the fifth rib, and the spear cometh out from behind him, and he falleth there, and dieth under it; and it cometh to pass, every one who hath come unto the place where Asahel hath fallen and dieth, they stand still. 2Sam.2:23

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