The Golden Gate Bridge Dream


Golden Gate Bridge

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Last night I had a very poignant dream about the Golden Gate Bridge in California.

Please bear with me, as I must only share what Father leads me to give at this time.

In this Dream, I seemed to standing high above the Bridge, where I could clearly see two cities on either side of the bridge.

As I looked at the Bridge. I was captivated by the architectural design and the sheer magnitude and size of the bridge.  Then I heard a voice that said, “Daughter, watch!

Suddenly, I heard the sound of an Eagle’s call, and out of the sky flew a large Golden Eagle.  As I watched closely, this beautiful and powerful creature flew swiftly towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

As I continued to watch, this magnificent Eagle began to release a high pitched call.  Suddenly out of the skies flew another Golden Eagle and then another, and then another, as I watched intently.

I counted, as 11 large Golden Eagles flew out of the skies and moved swiftly towards the sound of the high pitched call.

Then I could see 12 Golden Eagles flying.  I watched as they came together and began to fly in perfect unison.  I watched as they flew high above the Golden Gate Bridge and then they flew low almost touching the waters below.  I watched as they flew swiftly around and around the bridge in a large circular pattern.

Then suddenly, all 12 Golden Eagles broke formation and I watched as each Eagle flew to a specific place and position on the Bridge.  Each powerful creature took their place.  It seemed as if they were being strategically placed and positioned at different areas on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now in an instant in the dream, I understood by divine revelation that the 12 Golden Eagles were in fact 12 Warring Angels, divinely designated Angels, on assignment from heaven to reinforce the plans and the purposes of God’s Kingdom over the land and sea.

The atmosphere was filled with a strange yet powerful expectation of something of great magnitude that would take place in this area.

The dream ended.

Now as I awoke from the dream, I was immediately comforted by the Voice of the Father, who reassured me of His Great Mercy and His Great Love for the Nations of the Earth and for the Nation of America.

He reassured me of His Protection over His Sons and Daughters in this hour and season.  He reassured of His great Compassion for those who do not yet know Him, and He reassured of His great Power that breaks every chain of bondage.

Then He reminded me that He is the GREAT I AM, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the GREAT REDEEMER, RESTORER AND SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, and ALL those who would Call upon His Name, would be saved, delivered, protected and preserved by His mighty hand.

Then I was lead in a Powerful time of Praise and thanksgiving for His Redeeming Love, His Redeeming Power, His Grace and His Covenant Promises that are being poured out upon the earth in this hour and season.

Then He showed me again the River of Glory that is flowing forth upon the Nations in this hour, and I saw the Glorious Transformation and Kingdom Reformation that is taking place upon the Earth in the midst of increasing darkness and destruction.  For surely nothing can stand against His manifest Power and authority, nothing can halt or hinder His plans and purposes from advancing, or His Promises from being fulfilled in the lives of His Righteous and chosen ones.

Would you Stand with me NOW to Watch and Pray, for the Nations are being shaken?

Heaven is touching earth.  Let us Decree and Declare that God’s Will be done on earth as it is in heaven in this hour and season in the Nations of the earth.

Side note;
We can find the number 12 used in 187 places in the Bible and there are some powerful significances to this number.  I believe the number twelve is very important to God and it represents the number of His perfection and Kingdom Authority.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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