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A Set Time, A Set Place, Set Apart and Separated — 8 Comments

  1. Glory Be to God who was and is and is to come, dear sister Joyce!! May our vision become clearer and clearer as we shout to the enemy, I am coming through. I keep hearing the Lord say, 2024 surprises are right at your door and they have never been more surprising before! Look forward to being separated and set apart this year for His use. Love you my friend, Sandi

  2. Dear Sandi ,

    When I read “There is a wisdom key to live by in this time of judgment”……wowee…that paragraph alone was a mouthful of revelation. A very meaty word. I hear the Lord saying…”tread lightly…..careful as you go”.

    There’s a scripture which says, ‘Pause, and calmly think about that’. (I cant recall it now)..but that’s what I get from this Word. Shalom.

    • Amen.Yes Amen.
      Thank you Jesus for the great strength and comfort me make me stable and strength . And Stop criticizing anyone and be wise.

      LORD Thank You giving me unprecedented favor to walk through the Doors Lord you have opened — that no man can shut.

      Thank God for opening my eyes and ears so that I can see, hear and understand

      Thank You have raised me up for this time to truly occupy. Let zeal and fervency lead me and keep it until the end.” Amen.

      • Wong E Zin, It truly warms my heart that you reiterated the words of the Lord back to me to let me know you were embracing them for yourself. Thank you for responding in such a beautiful way. God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace and rest as we move into 2024. Sandi Holman

    • Dear Elizabeth, Thanks so much for your encouraging words..When I was writing this, I kept thinking Lord, this seems to good to be true..and He said that is what my people will also say! LOL! It is certainly a time to Pause and consider, rest and receive!! Love and peace and many blessings for a wonderful new year, my sister. Sandi

  3. Sandi, how I loved this but just pulling out an exerpt: “You must break all agreement with the enemy. You must shout it from the housetops to the enemy, “I am coming through!” Beloved, write your Vision. Let your new insight expand and establish your purpose. Thank you my friend.
    May your New Year be blessed exceedingly in 2O24. Love you sis ❤️

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