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A Signet Ring Called to Nail Colors to Mast — 3 Comments

  1. REGARDING THE OLIVE TREE;Unlike many other fruits, the different colors that olives come in are due to the ripeness of the fruit, not the variety. Most olives are ready to harvest when the juice turns cloudy, at the “green ripe” stage in LATE SEPTEMBER. They ripen to an uneven reddish-brown through NOVEMBER, finally darkening to the “naturally black ripe” stage by EARLY DECEMBER. Olives in this stage have a high oil content and are easily bruised. If harvested for eating they need to be handled with care; handpicking is essential as damaged fruit will usually not survive the curing process.

  2. Is this available in format to print out, like most of your other words.  This was an awesome and inspring word from the Lord.  Thank you so much for appearing on Paul Oberel’s ministry in the USA…God Bless you.

  3. The part where you saw that the main mast had been damaged by enemy ships parallels nicely with what happened in the 2020 election when China and Italy (maybe others) worked with the democrats to steal the election and thus (as is now very evident) take away the movement and acceleration of America

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