A Soon Time to Come


I am not going to invest much into the preface of this except to say that it is a Word I received early this morning.  My heart was set on intimacy with the LORD, not a prophetic word.  Yet in surrendering to Him I have also given myself to His purposes.  Thus the following word.  Never take a rhema word at face value.  Rather, test what is said according to the word of God (in the Bible) and according to His character.

“Let us sit here together.  As you close your eyes and are overcome with peace, remain there.  Commune with Me and I will commune with you.  I AM always with you according to My word.  Yet you only sense My presence when you focus on Me and search with the eyes of your heart.  What we desire is the same.  You are mine and I long for intimacy with you.  Sometimes you will come to this place and it will feel as though I have not.  Do not permit your feelings to dictate what is true in any given circumstance.  Rather, rely fully upon My word.  It does not change and it will not fail.  Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forevermore it remains firmly established.

The things of this world overwhelm the senses but they cannot reach that deep place within.  They cannot touch the rock but a time is coming when the rock will crush the things of this world.  The truth will be evident before all but most will already be blinded by the ruler of this world.  They will hate and reject the truth and they will seek to rid themselves of all who hold fast to it.  For as long as My people who walk in My truth are present they will serve as a conscience to those who have chosen lies.

The people of this world desire to worship one who will help them to fulfill the lustful desires of their wicked hearts.  They are steeped in rebellion and apart from Me they are headed swiftly down the broad path leading to destruction.  I take no joy in their position and lament greatly their eternal destination.

The nations revile Me.  They revile all that restricts them from achieving the full manifestation of their wicked, lustful hearts.  As such, My name is not spoken in reverence.  They use it as a word to curse the creation of My own hands.  They seek darkness and they shall find it.  The darkness will overtake them.  When it does they will remember what it was like to stand in the light but it will be too late.  They will cry out but it will not be a cry of repentance.  Their cries will be rooted only in their anguish.  I will be the object of their anger and their grief.

Your nation is full of those who use the name “Christian” and yet they stand opposed to Me.  They do not want Me.  They use My name as a tool to manipulate and thus steal.  These are true ravenous wolves. Their lusts are never satisfied and so they constantly seek more but more is never enough.

My hand is about to sweep across the churches of your nation.  Yet as it does they will say, “It is the devil.  Our god would never do something like this!”  So while I desire to awaken and to revive, most churches will shut Me out once and for all.  They will lead the world in its hatred of Me and of My people.  They will not tolerate My true servants in their presence and so they will drive them out.  

Do not despair.  Although it will only be a handful of churches that desire My presence and welcome Me in, the movement of My glory in them will be at a magnitude that this world has never seen.

The manifestations that go through your mind at this point are but a small portion of what will occur.  What your carnal mind can imagine will never match the magnitude of My glory and My awesome power.  It will be tempting to get caught up in the many miracles but do not.  It is I, not My miraculous manifestations, that is at the heart of it all.

Fix your eyes on Me and give Me all the glory for what you will see and experience.  My people will have never been so whole… physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Rejoice!  Rejoice in Me for where My Spirit is present there is true freedom.  Do not be surprised as you see the broken and the bedraggled, the down and outs, as they pour into your churches.  It is these that I pleasure to bring into My harvest.  They will trickle in at first but will then come in droves.  Some will try and stop it.  They will mistakenly think that somehow the church is losing its holiness but I tell you,  it will have never been more holy.  The miracles that follow will serve as evidence of this.

Beware of wolves that try to enter the gate alongside the sheep.  They will disguise themselves so as to blend in but I will expose them.  You will recognize these by their fruits.  It is important that you look past what they say to see what they do.

These must be removed and you must guard against them as they will persist in trying to reenter the fold.  Yet My sheep and particularly My young lambs (who do not yet know My ways) must be protected.  Charge your shepherds and watchmen to remain sober and vigilant.  My sheep are to be holy and set apart.  Be holy as I AM holy.

All these things shall come to pass soon.  Remember these words and watch for their fulfillment.”


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!


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