The Season


“There is a time, to every purpose under the sun,”   Ecclesiastes 3 .  That’s what it says.  When you read about all of the different times it talks about here, you get the feeling, that someone understands.  It makes sense; there is a time to do one thing, and a time to do another.  In a light kind of way, you might say that there is a time for the negative, and a time for that which is positive.  Weeping, is just as important as rejoicing.  Dying, is also equal to healing.

I pray this will help someone today.  You see, if we do not share our journey with others, they may have no way of knowing that others go through the same thing.  There is no greater medicine these days, than knowing that someone else has gone through what you have; and they made it.  Some of the most life saving words are, “I made it, and you can too.”  Oh, how we have truly forgotten what it really means, to actually minister to one another.

I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me, and He said, “You need to testify.”  I’ve resisted more than once.  It’s strange, somewhere along the way, you can change.  Today, I have no wish to call attention to myself; I just don’t. I’ve told Him, I don’t want to say or do anything, that would somehow take away from the message you have so mercifully given me to speak.  I say this as humbly yet clearly as I can.  It’s not about me.  And it’s not about you either.  It’s about Him.  The times I tried to work for the Lord, I think it was always my hearts desire, to give Him the glory; it came natural to me.  God always knew, what was in our heart.  And He still does.

These past few years, have been the most difficult times I have ever known.  I came to a certain city, full of the things I wanted to do for Him; there was a part of the work, that I yearned for.  On the back of this ship, some miles from shore, I stood and looked back toward the beautiful night lights of the harbor; full of expectation.  A voice spoke to me, and said, “This is your field.”  I had no doubt, that it was the voice of the Lord.  It was a wonderful confirmation for me.  I never dreamed what this “field,” would really be for.

It was, a field of suffering.  Every heart string I had ever had, was broken; every dream shattered.  Before it was over, there was not anything left of me.  For a while, I sang and played the piano again.  I made some videos; it was wonderful.  I had only played a couple of times, in 15 years; and it was hard, so very hard.  Somehow, I began to write articles here.  I was terrified; you’re not supposed to start over you know.  It’s not possible to tell, just how mad the devil was at me.  He did everything in his power to stop me; he still does.

I never knew such oppression; such depression.  I was struck with illness so terrible, that I almost lost my life.  I had never known such weakness.  At times, I could barely sit up and type; I was so sick.  No amount of prayer, would remove the heartbreak and pain.  I was virtually empty.

That’s when I learned, “Holy Ghost, I cannot take one step or write one word, if you don’t help me.”  And, that was just fine with me.  “My strength is made perfect in weakness,” became a reality for me.  So often, I wanted to quit, but He would not let me.  It was my season.  Today, I know there was a purpose.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




The Season — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for testifying. Your words mean so much to me. Your words give hope. Your words portray the victory of the Cross!

  2. thanks for sharing. Most of the time the enemy would want you to believe that you’re the only child of God that’s going through something.

  3. find myself in similar situation–my wages have been poverty, betrayal, exploitation great difficulties and heartbreak.  what is the end of your story?