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  1. Thank you very much for this message, Joyce. We need to hear both sides because God can bless while He brings correction. The past year and even prior God kept impressing upon me via scripture two things which were 1) judgment is coming and 2) He will take care of His people during times of famine. I believe judgement is here now and it boggles my mind hearing Christians say it’s not here or not yet with all that’s been happening in our country especially the past two years.

    • You are most welcome and are absolutely right, Staci. It boggles my mind too! We must rise up and blow the trumpet. Some will listen, although many will refuse to believe. Your two points are well taken. Thank you sis for your stand when it’s not very popular. God will see us through all things.

  2. Hi Joyce; you are spot on!  God has been speaking the same things to me! Praying for wisdom, and discernment daily, really does work. God is a balanced God, though very merciful, patient and loving, He will and is bringing judgement. He wouldn’t be Good and loving, if He didn’t bring judgement! Those who truly know God will stand. God is preparing many for the times ahead of us! So thankful you don’t talk fluff!!thank you for these truths.

    • Your welcome and thank you Mary Murray. So true the words you spoke.
      Afraid a lot though want the fluff!
      I can tell you are dug into a deep place with the Lord.
      Yes, God is preparing us for what is ahead. We will stand by His grace through all things! What a tender and merciful Father we have. God bless you.

  3. It tough all shall come to pass, Jesus is our hope! He is faithful in every storm, fear, dread, worry is not from God! Many need hope! Today I chose to be hopeful and trust that all things are in his control❤️

  4. Thank you for speaking out and sharing this boldly. I so identify with this word, as it is exact confirmation of what I have been hearing God say. My spirit is grieved to see so many prophecies of ‘peace and safety’- which is what we all naturally desire – when I believe we should be alerting people to what is coming so they can dig deeper into their relationship with the Lord that when these things happen they will not be thrown off kilter, lose heart and maybe even turn away from the Lord because they are so disillusioned and unprepared. It is only in Him and His abiding presence that we will have the hope, peace, strength and joy to persevere whatever trouble comes.

    • Cheri, you are so welcome! It is my duty to speak truth and not fluff many big name so called prophets are speaking! I am not very popular but if I please the Lord and cause someone to hear and prepare it is so worth it.
      Thank you my sister! God’s richest blessings.

      • I pray God will open the eyes of many through your obedience to speak out boldly and accurately all He shows you. I pray for greater discernment for the body of Christ to be able to separate the true from the fluff.

        • Thank you Cheri. Your words touched my heart. May I encourage you all on the comment thread here to keep fighting the good fight of faith. ❤️

  5. What a spot on word!!! I left out the Persecution part of my word on Perseverance but was wanting to address it next. I love how my spirit is tracking with you even on those texts from your meetings. I hear songs on your words I have never heard. The words to this song are very comforting to all whose TRUST is in Him for sure. Hugs, blessings and so much love, Sandi

      • Sandi my phone often acts up, lol. Sorry as didnt finish. Your sharing this means so very much to me! There has always been a special connection between us since I first read your articles on HKP.
        Praise God we will walk along life’s pathway lifting up our Savior and one another. That is my prayer. Much love in Christ, Joyce

  6. I’m not a Big fan of Death and Destruction Words.Having said that I believe the Truth is in the middle of these positive and Negative Words

  7. The word of God is always very distinct & can’t be mistaken even if it’s twisted, it must come to pass. There is Time for everything: time to be born, time to die; time to rest, time to contend/fight; time of Grace, time when Grace would be withdrawn etc. Unfortunately, many of us(Christians) think there is still TIME; many relying on pastors/prophets, governments, media etc & are not prepared in any way! They don’t even know persecution is here for real & very difficult to overcome by human efforts except with the help of the Holy spirit! May God help us all in every Nation to be prepared & ready at all times in Jesus name. Thanks Mama Joyce!

    • You said a real mouthful! Adams how I’ve missed seeing your postings. I was praying for you and family just today. Pray you are all well. We must keep putting our hope and trust in Jesus Christ always! Stay safe and blessed. We will meet one day on the other side!

  8. Joyce,
    Amen. On target, BLESSED ONE of the LORD. For HE will not forsake those who serve & honor Him.

    God Bless you! Bev

    • Absolutely true, Bev! Our precious Lord will go with us till the very end. Blessings, love and peace my friend and sister.

  9. Joshua 24:15
    King James Version
    15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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