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  1. Thank you for this Word Stephen. I can also recommend to people to read your article “The Inner Life” April 9 2022.
    Just as God’s Word flow through the Bible from cover to cover, it flows through the articles and prophecies you share with us.
    If one start with your very first prophesy and read through all of them(articles as well) up to the latest prophesy, there is a flow and a storyline of God’s Word.

  2. Great Word and message, Minister Hanson! Well received! Fear is not of God – but the lack of perfect love, lack of the perfect love of God in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Blessed Hope. God bless you, beloved Brother in Christ!♥️️

  3. God bless you, Minister Stephen Hanson!  I’m realizing that many for some reason, feel as though we cannot have peace in the midst of persecution, fiery trials, tribulations and chaos, but God promises we can just that in more. 1 John 4:18, Perfect Love – casts out all fear. The divine peace that God gives – resists fear, allows a believer to remain grounded in raw faith in Jesus Christ, looking through the eyes of the Holy Spirit – not the eyes of flesh, but believing, praying for God’s perfect will to be done, for all the Glory.

    Many of the prophets – Saints in the New and Old Testament, were in some pressing times, trials and tribulations, “Daniel in the lion’s den, delivered, mouths of the lions shut” – “Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, delivered, not 1 hair on their head burned” – “Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah, delivered before it rained fire and brimstone” – “Noah escaping the Flood, delivered in the Ark of Safety”, “Moses and Israel passing through the Red Sea” – St. Paul locked up in prison sing praises and hymns, delivered out chains and bands.

    All of these were believers of faith in God – who believes in the unfailing God, accepting their fate, whether God would deliver them or not, I believe they had they had God’s Divine peace, a reassurance that all would be fine – rather fearing God, who can destroy both body and soul, instead of fear man who can only destroy the body.

  4. I will keep Giving Thanks to the Lord of Heaven’s Armies for the Lord has given me peace.


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