A Supernatural move of God’s Glory

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If it is not your meal – don’t eat it!

Ministry was not created for you to dwell in a comfort zone and the anointing was not given to you to impart into those who are already whole.

We often hear those in ministry proclaiming that they won’t dwell among those that are unsaved or connect with those that are not walking perfect.  But the Spirit of The Lord spoke something to me. He said, “You have to be able to go into an environment of sin and not become a product of it, or be consumed by it, that’s why, before you go forth in ministry, you need to be equipped spiritually to handle the warfare of the war zones that you are mandated to minister in.”

He said, “Most people don’t want to deal with certain elements of people, because they know there are doors open in their lives, or they are yet struggling with sinful issues themselves.”   He said,  “I anointed you to save the lost to encounter those things that are not righteous or holy.  I will send you into churches or to those that are sinful and full of issues that you may bring My word of salvation healing and deliverance.”

He said to me,  “It’s a religious mindset that says I would not send an anointed vessel among those who are sinful and walking in error.”   He said,  “Look at Jesus and the apostle’s ministry.  I sent them to those who were teaching wrong doctrines.  I sent them into temples were they were worshipping false gods.  I sent them among those that were practicing witchcraft in the temples.  I sent them to cities and towns that were consumed with wickedness.”

He said,  “My anointing and glory is not on you to entertain the righteous, but I placed it on you to go to the regions that are consumed with evil, go into the churches were sin is heavy, go to those that are lost in sin.  You are to be a light in dark places.  If you can’t stand among the unrighteous and sinful and remain holy and righteous, then you are not ready to preach in the world or My church.  

If you can’t sit in a pulpit among those who are practicing evil and sin so that you can bring the Spirit of truth to them, and show them their transgressions, then you are not equipped yet to preach the gospel.  

If you can’t handle being challenged, or rejected, or persecuted, or lied on, then you have not conquered your flesh and are not equipped enough yet to go into the religious establishment.

If you can’t handle being threatened sometimes, run out of a church, or even attacked verbally and physically because of your stand for the word and my ways, then you need to recount up the cost of being My servant.”

He said,  “I anointed you to be a witness for me to attack the religious mindset and stubborn denominational ways.  You will be controversial because you will be kingdom and not religious.  You will be hated because you will not adhere to those man made doctrines of errors.  You will be attack because you won’t allow man to control you to put you in their box and because you won’t be involved in their cliques and won’t adopt their prideful ways.

You will be an outcast, because you don’t think like they think but you will have the mind of Christ walking in love forgiving reaching out to those that are looked down upon bringing hope preaching for souls and not money.  You will be looked down on because you refused to let them put you in their theological mindsets of how you should dress preach or act to be among their denominational and religious class of leaders.”

Jesus was not accepted among His own people because He didn’t fit their pattern or conform to their ways.  The Apostles were attacked and fought and hated because they preach the Kingdom of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ and live the lifestyle of His example.  Today go back into your prayer closet and get a Kingdom understanding of why God anointed you.  Why He chose you and why He is sending you.

You may be surprise that during your walk you missed some assignments because you looked at some things through the eyes of religion.  I know I did!

A Supernatural move of God’s Glory

The Supernatural move of God’s Glory will be so incredible in this hour, that it will cause many who don’t understand the mind and ways of God, to be on the borderline of blaspheming the Holy Ghost, because of the miracles and things that shall be performed in this hour, through those that have positioned themselves to be used in this hour.

The duplication of miracles that have been performed in the word will occur.

  • Limbs growing before the people eyes.
  • People, dead for days, being brought back to life.
  • Multiplication of food happening.
  • Shadows healing people.
  • Prophets commanding the elements to obey with just a word.
  • Demon spirit revealing themselves as people encounter those who need deliverance.
  • Showdowns with witches and warlocks happening.
  • Supernatural money appearing.

As the people begin to walk in the power of the Holy Ghost for real, many won’t understand because of the errors of teaching, that says there are no more miracles manifesting today.

God is about to release His power in measures and dimensions that few have seen.  If they understand that He is God the one that created the whole universe then they will understand that He is yet performing creative supernatural miracles today.  Get ready!  Some are getting ready to be demonstrators of this power.

Know that as God uses you in this dimension of anointing, that you will be accused of working witchcraft.  You will be accused of being fake.  You will be accused of being a liar.  But continue to obey The Lord.

Remember, some people have never experienced or observed the power of God in action, so they will be critics of you.  Continue to allow The Lord to use you in whatever dimension He wants.  Don’t diminish the impact of God’s glory on your life because of narrow minded people who walk in unbelief.

Jesus turned water into wine, Paul shook a viper off his hand, Paul and Silas just sang a song and cause a earthquake, Elijah challenged over eight hundred prophets of Baal and Jezebel and killed them, Elisha called two she bears and they killed forty two, Jesus stopped a funeral and commanded life back into a child, Peter and John just spoke to a lame man and he immediately was healed, Philip was caught away while speaking with an eunuch to another city.

We can’t limit the move of God or put Him in a box.  He is in this hour doing great things and I want to experience the Glory of God.  I don’t just want to read about them, but I want to see Him move in miraculous ways!

Just like they just walked around the walls of Jericho and shouted when God said and the walls came down, God is about to do those same incredible acts now.  How can we believe the lying wonders of satan but can’t believe the truthful acts of God!

I’m living in the supernatural believing the impossible expecting the incredible embracing the intangible power of God!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. Hallelujah,
    It confirms a vision I had about five years ago about , the obedient Children of God, entering into the supernatural realm, even being invisible to the enemy!
    “they put him forth without the city, and brought him unto the brow of the hill on which their city had been built — to cast him down but He passing through the midst of them went his way,” Luke 4:29-30