Is There Not A Cause?


It might do to bear reference to the fact, that there was no one that could defeat their enemy.  No one even dared try; they cowered in fear and their foe mocked them for days on end.  Who would have ever thought, that God’s people, would be standing before an oppressor; completely powerless.  One might wonder how they actually got to that place. It might also be noted, that God did not use the higher-ups, to deliver them.

I just read an account from a dear elder brother here, who gave a description of many of our modern day churches.  If I’m honest, it’s hard for me to see that.  When I plug in to some of these services and watch for a bit, I can’t say I’m shocked, because all of us have seen a lot of these things in the past few years.  I clicked on one church someone was praising; I guess I was bewildered, maybe even confused.  The entire sanctuary, had a blue color; all over the platform, and all over the people in the seats.  From stage lights.

I hadn’t planned to say this, but I think it was orchestrated in an effort to try and copy something that was once genuine.  Back in the day, as so many like to say it, there were times, when the power of the Holy Ghost was so strong, the whole place was cloudy.  There was a thick, blue appearing fog that descended upon the people.  There were uncountable numbers of folk who were slain in the Spirit; they were laying all over the place.  It was not this pretense and man made thing, we see too often today.

It didn’t come from the lights; we didn’t have such stage settings as so many have today.  The presence of the Lord was so thick, you couldn’t hardly even see.  Such real power.  It made me think of how it must have been, when God came down in that cloud, and spoke to the people.  You see, many of us were brought here, for a cause.  It has been pre-destined that we stand as witnesses, as to how the Spirit has genuinely moved in days gone by.  It is often called “ole school” in our time; many laugh about what we had.

The mighty men of valor, could not rout this enemy.  Even the kings armor, could not accomplish what needed to be done.  This giant, and the entire force of the enemy, laughed at this young lad that dared to step forth; him and his slingshot!  The roaring big man, was furious that this mere lad would dare challenge him.  They all did not laugh long.  They did not know, that the power of God had already been manifested in this young man’s life.  There was no way they could have known, that David, had already been chosen.

It’s already been proclaimed here, that God is going to use some people in this last hour, that most don’t think He will.  Let me now declare to these; we never had a real move of God, or a genuine outpouring of the Spirit, unless people were hungry.  I had to ask myself, is there a cause for me being here.  No matter what kind of mistakes we might have made,  if our life and our ministry was so ordained by God, and we are called, and genuinely anointed of the Spirit, we yet have a work to do.  Yes, there is a cause.  If there is nothing else we can say, we can declare, that we should, have much more than what we see today.  We, have experienced it.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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