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  1. I can relate, funny you mentioned a ministry in Texas. Because that’s where God has lead me to listen to this particular minister. It’s weird because this minister I know God is please with even though he does not believe prophets are in our day. Apart from that I love this guy’s teachings on Gods word. God know what He is doing!. I just Trust Him even when I don’t understand everything going on. Thanks for sharing this Stephen.

  2. Hello Stephen and thanks for sharing all this.
    It is always a blessing to me to hear about fellow believers walk with the Lord. 
    (You say) “The Holy Spirit is leading many throughout the wilderness in a way where they must depend upon the Father and not a regular type of job that is consistent financially”
    Actually (I live in northern Europe) for about three years ago, the Lord lead me to take faith steps out from the ordinary ‘safe system’ and the Lord has been faithful and gives me the job and money that I need. He once even told me ‘I have taken you out of the system’.
    I am blessed to hear that others also takes such faith steps, which I believe is a necessary training for the days that will come.
    (You say) “We know the times that we are living in for the hour is late”
    Yes, He has also given me different visions about this and a year ago when I was crying out to Him about the evil in this world which caused me great heart pain, I heard Him say
    “he has only a short time” which means the time of the devil is soon over and also that the Kingdom of God soon will come!
    I hope my post will be both a confirmation and a blessing to you.

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