A time of Great Sorrows is upon you!


A time of great sorrows is upon you.  Never has there been a time such as this in your nation and never again will such a time come.  The decisions you have made (speaking to the nation as a whole) are not without consequence.  The choice you have made to turn your backs on Me in favor of your own lusts and the gods formed by your own hands have forced Me into a position concerning you.

For a season I turned My back. I allowed you to pursue every evil and lustful desire.  The seed you have sown is now coming to maturity (seeing heads of grain turned golden) and now you will reap what you have sown.  The very things you have chosen will consume you.

You have sown into death and you are reaping death.  You are consuming it day in and day out but now it is consuming you.”

(I see a picture of stomachs full of worms eating their way out.)

“Who told you to forsake nourishment for poison?  Who told you to cast away life?  Who taught you to rejoice in death?  I tell you the truth, the wicked rejoice in death until the death is their own.  Only then do they feel sorrow.  Only then do they regret.  They have no real compassion.

Even the sorrow and regret they experience centers around themselves.  Like the rich man (in the parable) there will be no more chances.  They will look from their places of torment.  They will scream but they will have no voice.”

(I think this means that no one will hear them.)

“They will beseech Me for mercy for the fruit of their loins but I will not hear their cries.”

(Understanding that He hears, but chooses to ignore.)

“Their days of merriment draw to an end.  The blood of the innocent cries out from the ground.  It demands justice and justice it shall receive.  The riches in evil prosper for but a season.  Likewise there are riches to be found in righteousness.  Come the harvest they will be separated.  I will gather the fruit of the righteous into My storehouse but the fruit of the wicked will be cast into the fire.  They know this and yet they refuse to turn.  Somehow they believe it is not true for that they will somehow escape it, but surely I tell you that none will escape.

To those who stubbornly remain on the broad path leading to destruction, as you read these words (at this very moment) I am piercing your heart.  This is My conviction.  In My mercy I AM giving you this one last chance.  As you feel this will you yield or will you harden yourselves yet again?

Now, to My people who are called by My name, stop scattering this tainted seed.”

(I see bags full of seed that are carried on the hips of sowers.  The bags are mixed with good seed [wheat] and bad seed [tares] and they are scattering both at random.)

“I did not call you to mixture.  I did not call you to half-truths.”

(The most dangerous of lies, because they appear most like truth.)

“I did not call you to spread these lies.  I recognize you ignorance and know it is at the heart of much of this but you have no excuse.  You have been given all that you need.  You have My word and yet you do not know it.  You have been given My Spirit and yet you do not walk in it.  Stop!  Do not throw another handful of this tainted seed.”

(Seeing something like a hand of light reaching into the bags, picking up the seed and allowing it to sift through its fingers.  The seed that has been sifted is purified.)

“This is the power of right discernment.  It is what happens when you filter what you believe and what you say through the truth of My word.  What is produced is not mixed. It is pure.  Allow Me to filter your seed.  You are children of light.  You are called to walk in truth.”

(Some are trying to pick up their seed a handful at a time and examine the seeds individually but they are unable to tell the difference so some tares are being returned to the bag and some good seed is being discarded.)

“Have you not yet learned that you cannot do this on your own?  It is this very principle that brought about this mixture in the first place.  Applying the same principles (logic, reason and the natural mind) all over again will only yield the same result.

Your ignorance and your pride have led you to believe you are walking in the light even as you stumble in the dark.  How many bumps and bruises will it take?  Allow Me to shed My light into the situation so that you will see the snares and the pitfalls of the enemy.  You did not start this journey alone.  So why do you think you can do it by yourself now?  Allow Me to filter your seed and find that the seed you have scattered grows and flourishes.  No ground will be given unto the enemy and the harvest will be pure.

Oh, My people, My heart is consumed with zeal for you!  I chose you for this time.  You are the seed of your ancestors.  Through the generations the harvest has matured.  The hour is late.  The sun sinks.  The shadows grow long.  Yet the wage you will receive for your work in My field is the same as those who came into it at first light.

I have entrusted into your hands the final harvest.  Work while it is still day.  Though the shadows grow long, there is time if you only work with Me.”


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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