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A Time for Going Higher — 4 Comments

  1. This and the extended are definitely for me.  I’m not trying to promote myself, but I want you all to witness something.

    I write simple songs to process things.. kinda like therapy or something!  Anyway,
    this is a song I wrote, 9 mo. ago, called The Narrow Gate.


  2. A couple hours ago I was praying and watching a video on YouTube that struck me as off. Suddenly, clear as day, I saw in my minds eye a close up of a lock (like the masterlock type).  It appeared older though and the bolt was a dark matte color.  And both legs of the u-bolt where shattered; there was still ends in the locked cylinders, but the whole top of the had been shattered off.  It wasn’t a clean break either, it appeared jagged.. like some incredible and violent force had just broke it as if it were glass and leaving jagged metal behind.

    I asked the Lord for insight on what this could mean and just found this!

    Thank you for reporting faithfully and thank you Lord Jesus for faithfully responding to my request!

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