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In Our Wondering, Waiting and Watching — 6 Comments

  1. Praise be to my GOD who has not forsaken HIS Handmaid (me). Early this morning (in Africa), I woke wondering & imagining a lot of things about God’promises & the power of HIs spoken words through HIS Prophets/Servants in the Bible. I said Lord, these days your words spoken through your prophets to me & others seem lingering as I am beginning to get tired of WAITING on YOU MY GOD. I asked HIM Why? I then heard a still voice that reminded me of when & how the enemies conspired against me & meant it for evil but HE stepped in & turned things around for my Good & favor to the amazement of all. HE said, that’s is how HE will still do what I have been asking HIM to DO! Here is the same word released through Pastor West to Me! WHO says OUR GOD IS NOT A MIRACLE WORKER?

  2. Good Day Veronica :)
    It’s 5am, and I’m watching the thunderclouds amd lightning bolts piercing the skies over Minneapolis MN. How Awesome is our God!!
    He knew I would need to hear every beautiful Word…so so glad we’re in this journey together, that He placed us on the earth at the same time, for such a time as this, to participate with Him in His Revealing Himself to the world.
    God bless abundantly your beautiful heart Veronica.

  3. If those in the body of Christ will not figure this Bible quote out there is little hope for most.
    The words at the end of this Verse. Luke 9:48 For he who is least among you all is great.
    This means most of you would not even consider them saved. Kinda like when spiritual elite of Jesus day killed him claiming him to be the devil many in this hour are doing the same thing. When God himself unvails these brothers and sisters most will just gasp no Lord not those people. Oh well so be it. And soon.

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