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A Turn-Around for All of My Children! — 2 Comments

  1. YES, YES, YES, Shouts of Victory this day, Thank you Jesus !!! I fully Expect it. I receive it , It is a Yes into my heart this day, Glory to God ! I am a part of that Army of God, set apart for Greatness. Awesome words spoken, Powerful, thank you Pastor Debra Lowe, for sharing, as I delight always in his goodness, Blessings to you precious heart, I love you, joy, joy, joy, I’m receiving it Now, I love you Father, my God!!!

  2. Amen, thanks be to God. Yes, Yes, this is it, Glory to God in the highest. Thank you Father God, for Turning it Around. I Am a part of that Holy Remnant. I am set aside
    That bride, of Christ, used for his purposes to fulfill the higher calling in these endtimes, Glory, honor, and praises to you Abba Father, my King, you are awesome,
    I love you, I am your servant, your highly favored daughter endued with Power, your Power, abiding in me. Thank you Pastor Debra Lowe, for sharing, Blessings on you.

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