A Vigilante Spirit and Pride in the Church


After I got home today, I put on some of the spray powder on my back and torso parts; rubbed in the essential oils on all my rashes and felt to rest a bit.  I was laying on couch when I felt the LORD was saying, …

“The pride in the Church is pervasive.  The skin is the outside of the body, the peripheral defense, and that is infected.

The immune system – the gut part is also permeated, not enough teaching, taking in of the Word.

The immune system of My Body is suppressed.  Felt like He’s saying, there’s a dearth [shortage, lack] of taking in of and teaching of, the true word.

Truth has fallen in the streets, so to speak.  Men interpret the Word in ways that suits them, and not Me, He said.

There were years I couldn’t read the word as I had, and the LORD was showing me it was like a parable, of how the church has gone.  Yes there was witchcraft coming against me, but also the people in the world were and are, absent of seeking the LORD also.

I would read, but usually Psalms, and or listen to the Word.  More recently, I’ve been able to break through and read, but not as consistently as I had in the beginning of my walk.

This morning I cried at reading Psalm 103 which I felt led to recite over myself.  I had a hard time reading it, for I kept tearing up.

Then read Psalm 91 as Pastor Prince had told me, when he was here.

So many friends going through so much pain and suffering.  Rosie, Judy and Rosie L., Dave, Diane, Dee, Judy, Renee, Karen, Kim, and so many others!

A Vigilante Spirit

“Vigilante’s are at the gate” just came to my mind.

“There are vigilante’s inside the gates of My church wanting to take revenge, wanting to settle things their way without seeking Me.  Pride has arisen in many, many hearts, saying HOW DARE YOU!

With others, it is a righteous anger, that has a hold of them, and they are seeking answers, but the dangerous ones are those who are not seeking, but just want to do things their own way, with their own strategies.

Just as you are having to cover your infected skin break-outs with oils, so the Church that is full of themselves, needs the oil of the Holy Spirit to guide them.

They need to turn back to prayer and worship, instead of complaining and pride, and self pity.  They need to speak the WORD IN FAITH!  The raging infection in your body cannot be calmed by usual means.

The raging infection in My body also cannot be calmed by usual means.  The Yeast has to be attacked from the inside and outside on you, and the same is true in My church.  The yeast of the Pharisees, is rampant, and they must be confronted verbally from inside, by prophets I send, and from the outside by agents of the enemy that will subdue their arrogance, because they have become immovable and unteachable.

Though I send prophets, many will not listen to them.  Just as in days of old.  When I sent My Son, they would not listen, even after He died and rose again.  So then terrible consequence came, Jerusalem and Israel, overrun by the Romans years later.

I even told them ahead of time but they wouldn’t listen.  Thus it is the same today.  Some WILL listen, others will go the way of the world and perish in their own foolishness.

So I will bring the fear of the LORD back into My church again, for the prophets I send this time, will speak, and from that moment they speak, there will be consequence to the words I give them.

Signs and wonders will abound.  But some will be dismayed at what I do.

Pray that many hearts will turn as I catapult many back into the church at times for releasing My Holy Fear.  As the Fear of the LORD is loosed, knees will tremble, and people will shake with fear, and stammering speech, but I will have My way, and I will change the face of the church.

I will change the hearts of the people to reflect My own heart!”


~ Priscilla

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