Falling Away


There are things that have troubled me over these past weeks and months.  The more I study today, and ask to be led by the Holy Ghost, the more I’ve begun to see these things.

I must be honest, in that at some points, I feel angry; even betrayed.  For, so much we were told, were not heaven or hell issues.  As I pray and ask God to open my understanding of His Word, the real truth of some things, comes through.  I can’t believe how some of us were treated, and many still are today.  Follow us, or you are out.

I guess there is one very important thing I didn’t really understand.  It was that once we became a child of His, He would never leave.

With tears, I can relate to just how much grief and despair I could have saved myself, if I had known Jesus was close by.  And He always had been.  One could never have been so bold, to say that there were things we read, that we did not even believe.  Oh, I do know that God did not approve of many things, but He didn’t leave.

If people tell you long enough that you are a certain way, you can start to believe that it is true.  Especially, if it is people you trust, such as your family, and your church.

An example of what we are saying here, was brought to my attention by a family, recently.  The leadership in the church they had been attending, told the parents, that if they left that church and went somewhere else, they would be lost and so would their children.

Who?  Who gave these people that much authority?  What chapter and verse, did they get it from?

Things required of good people, many trying to love the LORD and follow in His footsteps, straight out of some person’s book of men’s commandments.  Alright here.  I did not know this post would go in this direction.  How does this relate to the topic?

First of all, we were instructed and told, that the church would already be taken out of here. Someone, needs to go back and read 2 Thessalonians 2.  If we look closely, it parallels closely, with exactly the things that Jesus said about His coming, and the end of things.

We’ve fallen away from the way we once loved one another.  We have truly fallen away from just how much we loved the LORD.  So many of those places that once taught such commandments, no longer even live by them themselves.

We’ve fallen away from the real truth of following and being led by the Holy Ghost.  Many would not believe, that there are a host of folk who were driven out, who are some of the ones who love God the most today.  They know Jesus Christ better, and love him more deeply, than ever before.  You see, He searched until He found them; only He did.

As Paul told Timothy, people are more about themselves, than any other time.  Pleasures, indeed mean more than God.

We are on the edge, of a great change in how we live our lives today.  Since it was foretold that Christ would do a quick work, this other one who will see himself as God, now stands in the shadows.

We should not have believed, that we would just be swept out of here; full of a critical, envious and self-righteous attitude.  Having lost sight, of what being filled with the Holy Ghost, really means and how that following Him, is the only direction.

Will the days, be shortened?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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  1. Read Matthew 24 : 4…..” Watch, make sure that no one deceives you ” Jesus said this to His Disciples. …We are to be awake and alert to Heresies. Be careful with anyone including Pastors who may use persuasive and deceitful words that exist with Spiritual control spirit within themselves. It is dangerous. I suggest believers must know their Bible.