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A Vision a Double-Edged Sword — 5 Comments

  1. jaj, ez nagyon tetszik… Van valami, amit Isten nem tud: hazudni! Mert amit kimond, az mind igazság lesz! Ez óriási!

    oh, I really like it … There’s something God can’t: lie! Because what he says will all be true! This is huge!

  2. What a fabulous powerful word of truth. So well spoken. This is a deep penetrating anointed word for this hour. It is our hour of power. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Now this is very special ! Last Saturday (2 days ago) I spontaneously took another triain that I actually had planned to do some errands in the city. There sat a young lady, no other free seats as only these 3 out of a 4 seats block – here comes why: Out of her backpack a huge sword stood out. I sat vis-a-vis to this bag, looking at that massive silver or metal sword. It had wooden finger grips. She was discussing with someone on her phone. I thought by myself, this is absolutely a confirmation, because recently the HOLY SCRIPTURES often point to judgments with swords. Everytime after reading these Old Testament verses about swords and about GOD’s end time judgements coming by swords, (besides fire and other judgements) I think “We are in 2021, how will this happen ?” Because nowadays the weapons usually are not swords. Deborah – your article tonight is just a DOUBLE !! confirmation. Today I was with my medical school class, as every Monday, and the teacher spoke about DNA !

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