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  1. To you both, in fact to all. I feel to just share a little more of a parallel vision given about the same time. Is that there is a magma, that comes directly from the heart of God Himself., it is who He is it is what consumes Him. You consume Him, just the very thought of you.
    But I saw on the slopes of this volcano, bands and deposits of trees. When His heart erupts the magma also flows down the sides, the slopes of the volcanic mountain. As the magma overspill touches the trees, they are burnt up. But the wonderful thing was that nothing of the old was left and that which was negative of the old just couldn’t grow there anymore. Freedom and a new growth and a different landscape is formed and cultivated.

  2. Early this year I was in deep pains from stubborn cyclical events that seen to be limiting me & I didn’t know how to pray again concerning these events. Then in the midst of the pains, I had a dream one night & I HEARD A VOICE SAID “BEAUTY FOR ASHES”. I woke up comforted even when I didn’t know the full meaning until today that I read your post. I believe this on time & now prophetic word is for me!  God sees all my pains & our pains. HE is indeed a Merciful Father. Sir, may God increase your anointing in Jesus Christ name.

  3. Yesterday I looked up the number 48 and it’s meaning, as it seems the Lord most definitely is speaking to me through this number, and I’m truly amazed at how it’s definition lines up with your vision.
    I had a vision myself about 20 years ago.
    I fell asleep on the sofa one night and was awakened within my sleep to see that the wall in front of me was on Fire, it was coming at me so fast that all I had time to do was put my head between my legs as it consumed me, and then I awoke. This Fire has been burning out of me since then the dross, the wrinkles, and the blemishes embedded in my flesh. It’s been a very painful lonely journey, but He is Well worth it.
    God Bless you Mr. Hood :)

    • May God strengthen & uphpld you Dear Cheri. Only Him can turn Ashes to Beauty & only HIM can bring forth Beauty out of what had been destroyed completely & beyond repairs. May HE visit every areas of your life & beautify you afresh in Jesus Christ name.

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