A Vision of Seven Fat Cows


I saw in a vision seven fat cows, seven dried stalks of grain, the seven mountains of influence and the seven spirits of God….!

Then I heard the Father say, “My 7 spirits shall now move and manifest mightily upon the 7 mountains and there shall be 7 years of abundant harvest, but watch, for then shall come 7 years of famine in the land and a great falling away, and the time is now.”

As the Holy Spirit spoke these words, I saw in the realms of the spirit a mountain, and on this mountain I saw two fields, in one field there stood 7 fat cows surrounded by grain that was ripe and ready to be harvested, and in the other field I saw 7 dried stalks of grain which grew upon hard, barren and parched ground.

Then suddenly, a large and beautiful rainbow appeared over the field of ripe grain and 7 fat cows.  As I looked at the vibrant rainbow it suddenly split into 7 distinct colours and I watched as each vibrant colour moved upon the field of ripe grain, where they suddenly became 7 mighty rivers, which then broke forth upon the mountainside.

I watched as the 7 mighty rivers flowed in great power and momentum filling the deep valleys below.

Then my eyes were drawn back again to the sparse field where the 7 dried stalks of grain stood.  Suddenly I saw a mighty whirlwind begin to form in the sky in the distance.  I watched as the whirlwind grew larger and stronger, then suddenly it moved swiftly towards the dry and sparse field of grain, its mighty winds blew with great power and great force sweeping and clearing the field leaving it completely bare and desolate.

The vision ended…!

As I sought God over this Word and vision, he confirmed many things to me through His word of what is come, and how we as His Bride, must be aligned and ready.

Friends, I believe that this vision is multilayered and there is still much more to be revealed.  However let me endeavour to share what I believe and have understood and interpreted as I have prayed over this.

First off, I believe prophetically, that we have already entered into this 7 year season and cycle of a great harvest of souls.  The Holy Spirit revealed to me that ‘Azusa Now‘ marked the beginning and the birthing of this new life and unprecedented harvest of souls coming forth upon the earth.

I prophesy the atmosphere has shifted.  Those who have been powerless, are now becoming ‘the powerful’ in Christ Jesus.

Be expectant, for in this new 7 year season of abundant harvest we are going to see the greatest outpouring and outworking of the 7 spirits of God upon the 7 mountains of influence, and we are also going to see and hear of some of the greatest signs, wonders and miracles taking place around the world.

I prophesy we are stepping into a season of increase, increase, increase!

Get ready, for there is a greater glory now falling upon the five fold ministries in this hour, the fires of revival will sweep across the nations, and the chains and shackles of shame will be broken, for there is an unlocking of restoration power to replant what has been uprooted and rebuild what has been destroyed.

The gates of hell shall not prevail against the mighty warriors of God, for there shall be the greatest harvest of souls that the world has ever seen.

I hear Papa say, “It is time roll out the welcome mat for the prodigals are now returning home to be fully restored and fully reinstated as rightful heirs to My Kingdom,” says God.

Right now, I see a divine convergence taking place in the realms of the spirit.  I see the 7 spirits of God being released upon the body of Christ like mighty rivers that will go forth to break down every demonic structure and stronghold of the enemy in dark places.

I prophesy the waters from the rainbow rivers are rising, rising, rising, the waters of promise shall flow forth in great power flooding every area of culture and society.  There is a mighty shaking and a mega shift happening in the body of Christ in this hour.

I decree reformation, transformation and kingdom manifestation.

Now I believe as citizens of an unshakable Kingdom we need to stir up a greater expectation for greater expansion.  We need to be ready to receive this greater outpouring of the 7 spirits of God, we must be united in vision and in purpose, we must be rightly aligned and positioned if we are to receive this fresh baptism of fire, power and authority.

As His chosen and anointed warriors, we must be willing to forsake all, moving and advancing to occupy new territory and establish the purposes of God’s Kingdom.

But, listen! I hear a warning!

“After 7 years of abundant harvest, there shall come 7 years of great famine and a great falling away.  Watch!  For the whirlwind of destruction comes to sweep clean,” says God.

I declare and decree; this is a new day and the dawn of a great spiritual awakening upon the earth.

* * * * *

Rainbow:   7 colours

  • the Spirit of the LORD – red,
  • the Spirit of Wisdom – orange,
  • the Spirit of Understanding – yellow,
  • the Spirit of Counsel – green,
  • the Spirit of Might – royal blue,
  • the Spirit of Knowledge – indigo, and
  • the Fear of the LORD – violet.

7 Mountains of influence:

  • Government – purple
  • Economy – green
  • Family – red
  • Arts – orange
  • Education – indigo
  • Media – blue
  • Religion – yellow


~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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