Prayer Request: Hell fires in Canada!


This afternoon the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks and strongly impressed upon my heart:  “Bind, loose and release a Word of new life, revival and restoration over Canada.”

As I began to pray, I was shown a mighty wind of darkness and the fires of destruction that has been unleashed upon the nation of Canada.  I saw a mighty wind being unleashed from the very bowels of hell.  I heard the voices of many demons within the wind.

I saw that this wind has the power to push, propel and accelerate the fires of death and destruction in every direction.  This demonic wind fuels the fires, it has come to destroy, derail and delay the plans and purposes of God in this nation.  As I pressed into God I heard the word, “Backlash”!

Friends, we must stand now to agree, decree, and declare that this demonic wind and destructive fire will be extinguished and quenched in the mighty name of Jesus.

I prophesy now that the winds of worship and the fires of revival will be released and ignited in and over the hearts of the Canadian people in this hour, and out of the ashes of destruction will come new life and the beauty of his holiness, and that every weapon that has been formed against this nation would not prosper.

I prophesy nothing shall stand against the power, plans and purposes of God being made manifest in the nation of Canada.

We speak forth a word of new life, restoration and transformation over the nation of Canada.

I hear the Spirit say, “Even now at the sound of your worship, I AM overturning and overthrowing the works of wickedness and destruction that has come against the people of Canada, watch for My winds of restoration and my fires of revival shall now come to protect and preserve, and My Spirit of power and might shall come to push back the winds and fires of hell”, says God.


~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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