A Warning to Be Prepared!


This morning I’m just talking to ABBA about some people and situations and pondering on my relationship with several persons.

As I lay here in His presence He dealt with me about several crucial things:

1.   I observed ABBA promote a person, but in a instant saw them go back into the very behavior that He had just delivered them from.

I heard Him say,  “Temporary show!” He said,  “I gave them the opportunity to elevate Pass their issue and allowed them to experience the freedom, but they wanted the problem more than the victory!

They never accepted received or embraced the deliverance!”

2.   I observed persons who wanted men and women of YAH to pray and prophesy concerning situations that go against the Word and character of YAH.

I watch these persons get angry and upset because they wanted a Word that would agree with their ungodly situation and observed them begin to speak evil of those who would not endorse their actions or request!

ABBA said in this hour, people are justifying their wrong thinking and actions and opposing all that don’t agree with it!

3.   ABBA dealt with me about the restoration of marriages that were broken up by Jezebelian woman or ungodly men, who took advantage of those who were having marriage issues, and they used the opportunity to invade the covenant of that relationship to satisfy their own carnal flesh.

This is a time of refreshing and restoration for those marriages that ABBA has joined together and men is trying to put asunder!

Those who are standing for the LORD to bring their marriages back together, know He is sending deliverance and your husband or wife that have been seduced and tricked shall be shaken and released from the bondage of that ungodly relationship and return to the one that ABBA has ordained for them!

4.   Many leaders shall now see the hearts of the people that are working deception among them.

ABBA said, as you require commitment and accountability from those connected to you, they will either show their loyalty or love or they will be rebellious and disobedient and will complain about serving and honoring and sacrificing and sowing.

He said,  “Many shall rise up against the leaders, especially when they realized that the leader can’t be controlled or brought through money!”

Leaders, remain pure and holy and ABBA will provide and protect you from those with hidden deceiving agendas.

5.   ABBA spoke that He is uncovering the practices of divination that are operating among the people.

He said to me,  “Watch and see who shall be revealed as workers of evil in this hour.”

He said,  “Many are introducing witchcraft as supernatural moves of My Glory to entice the people.  Because they are not seeking for true relationships with Me, they are being corrupted by men and women who know they are gullible.”

He is uncovering these persons to destroy their ability to influence the people to accept what is devious plots to cause the people to come into covenant with evil.

6.   ABBA said to be watchful and prayerful, as there will be an increase of murders and suicides that will be cover-ups, because these persons have valuable information that can help to answer some important questions about the things taking place in society.

He said that the corruption is so widespread through the earth and it is causing chaos everywhere.

He said,  “Watch your children very carefully, as a increase of them disappearing will occur and there will be a pretense of the judicial system trying to get them back.”

I saw a secret place, an Island where children are being held.  Where those who are child molesters can pay to come and engage in all acts of perversion against them.

These children are being sold like animals and are the sex slaves of wicked men and women.

He showed me where many of the parents are, not even aware that they are advertising their children by dressing them seductively and putting them on social media sites.

He said to watch our children and monitor them more closely, as many are being seduced through media.

7.   He said,  “Pray for the mindset of those in the governmental and judicial systems over the earth, as many are being influence by demonic spirits and demonic leaders to cause much chaos and confusion.

Pray for leaders to encounter godly persons who will ministered to them and speak what thus saith the LORD, so that innocent lives are not lost due to egos of leaders who are dictators and have no regard for the people.”

The LORD showed me secret agreements between countries which pretend that they hate each other, but in reality have come together to control the wealth of the world.

This is why there is a transfer of wealth about to be released into the hands of the righteous, to bring a uncorrupted balance to the economy structure.

People, pay attention to world meetings and the agreements taking place now.  The hearts of the governments will be revealed.

8.   He said to remind the people to fast and pray to seek Him for answers and to know what is to come.

There will be much instructions and information released in this hour to direct the people so that they are not overcome by those things coming.

He said to listen only to those whom He is speaking through in this hour, who will warn and instruct the people.

You will know when disaster will strike.  You will know where to go and where not to go.

You will know the movements of the enemy and how to protect yourself against the airborne attacks of sickness being released in the atmosphere.

He said to watch as cancer and respiratory issues increases, but healing shall also come as He wars back against the evil purpose against society.

Drink plenty of water, using purifying systems.  Don’t drink anything that hasn’t been filtered.  Also, pray over anything you have to digest.

He said to start your own gardens, but also pray over anything you use to grow your food.

Sickness is being calculated to be released.

Pray much for babies under five and the elderly.

He told me to cover in prayer different races cultures and nations.

I’m trusting ABBA to bring the people to a full understanding of what’s going on right now.

As He speaks and gives me permission, I will be releasing what He says.

I’m very burden right now about things out of order and the people not being prepared for things that are coming.

Let’s pray like never before and seek ABBA for the right way to go and the right thing to do!

Love you and praying!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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A Warning to Be Prepared! — 1 Comment

  1. A lot of confirmation!
    It’s been well documented on alternative news sites, about the island where Clinton and other elites go to do witchcraft.
    God also told me we need to learn to grow our own food and sprouts a couple years back, so I’ve been practicing so I can share with others.
    God bless u!