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A Word Concerning Trump and The USA — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Veronika for all the messages you bring to us from the Lord,it helps us to navigate through the mess and confusion of life as we know it today. I pray that you and all those who bring us the truth from the Lord continue to be anointed.

  2. Thank You Father. I exchange through the Power of the Cross the less that we are as a Nation, for the Best that You are instead.
    Father, we cover President Trump in prayer, under the Blood of Jesus, along with ALL You’ve placed under his authority, as You do in him, and in the United States of America what only You can do by the Power of Your Holy Spirit, through what You’ve already completed at the Cross.
    Your Will Father, not ours be done!!
    Bless this messenger’s beautiful heart and feet Abba Father. Protect her and ALL You’ve placed under her authority and stewardship. May her Rewarder always be her Reward :)

  3. Donald trump was sent by God to create a situation where the church would see their failure. Most of what they believe as doctrine is not true. No power just a lot of jumping around trying to convince each other they have the truth. Well the truth is the gospel is the power of God and we see so very little if any in all the world. That is about to change and most will say this can’t be right these people are nobody’s but these nobody’s will be few in number and mighty in the power of the one true God.
    Get ready people the trumpet will blow literally and the dead in Christ which is most of the church will rise. Some have already risen things are not what they seem. Some things to think about.

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