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Trump in the Prison of God’s Will — 7 Comments

  1. Thank You Lord for your Long suffering as You continue to DO a work in the Hearts of Man! Take out the Stony Hearts and give us Hearts of Flesh! Your word says ‘the heart is wicked above all Things & No man can know IT- Praise God!- But You Oh Lord holds the Heart of a king is in your hand, and like rivers of water, You can turn it anyway you Want.  Proverbs 21:1☝

  2. Praise God!  Thank you, Veronika, for being open to the Holy Spirit to receive and share this word. So many of us have been feeling spiritually burdened for President Trump and are weeping with the many tragic and sinful actions that the ‘impostor’/’jackal’, etc., is committing as the head of the highest office in our land.

  3. Thank you for this generous posting. Here in America, there is repentance, forgiveness, a renewing of the mind, and an anxiety to serve.

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