A Word for 2015: Nesting Tables

“Nesting Tables”


Many many eagles have laid eggs in this season, and the spring will bring a maturing of many of the young eaglets, called to soar with the older.  For some eagles, there has been great reproduction, and so the nests have been mass produced and are bringing much fruit forth.  Others have produced steadily, but not mass produced, much fruit, through sowing seed over and over again, and they can’t even see the nests.  They have worked through alternative media, and other sources non traditional, but their fruit is still coming forth, in maturation of their many followers.

Others were called to sow little by little and the fruit has been in the scattering of seed, and they know not how valuable they have been to what I have called them to.  But they keep being obedient, and staying the course.  And others have been so battle weary, but have trudged onward, bit by bit, taking territory, and sowing and sowing, and fighting and fighting till they have now needed rest to recuperate.  I am reviving whatever has been lost in the transition so do not worry about where you are at right now.  Do not condemn yourself, as the enemy would try to make you do. All the suffering and long dry desert times are producing more fruit than you realize.

The Lord said: “Stromal cells”  I looked it up here…

https://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Stromal_cell  Stro·ma (strō′mə) n. Pl. Stro·ma·at (-mə-tə):  The connective tissue framework of an organ, a gland, or other structure, as distinguished from the tissues performing the special function of the organ or part.

The Lord said…
“There will be advancement this year in stromal cell research that will change the methodology in medicine for treating many kinds of problems.  This will transform medicine in ways that have before this time have kept people from healing naturally.  Now simple frameworks for working with cell tissues will cause great strides in treatment of serious bone and joint problems and many other tissues.”

Impression I had was, Just as that in the physical often parallels the spiritual, there will be an explosion of His healing power as well.

Energy sources

“This year will bring greater strides towards alternative forms of energy, though it’s been available for a long time before, now it will be more necessary to implement.  Just as things in the natural also reflect the spiritual, there will be an explosion of energy in My beloveds to enable them to endure and progress My Kingdom in the days ahead.  

I AM the Source of all power for all you need.  Know that I’ve seen the beginning from the end, and I am with you till the end of all time.  You are My precious possession, and nothing can keep you from your destiny in Me.  Increase Your praise, as the worship is bringing more of My presence as the days ensue.  And with My presence comes the power to be transformed.”

Change of venue

“For many of you, there will be sudden changes of venue, because I am pulling you out of the desert place, into the place of your greatest fruitfulness.  Just as Moses was in the desert till he had to confront Pharoah, so many have been hidden, some more hidden, some to an extent, in that you have not been supported as those who have been “popular” to much of the church.  

Yet I have formed you for Myself, and through all that you’ve experienced in ME, and in the battles you’ve had to fight.  You will now come forth as gold and be made to shine like the stars in the heavens.  You cannot imagine the blessings I will pour out on those who have been willing to stay hidden, and who have humbled themselves, and given up all striving and selfish ambition. T hese are days when the proud and arrogant will be humbled.”

Curtains up

“I AM lifting the curtain of those who have made the world their stage, lying and deceiving the masses.  I will uncover much more than they think to hide, and as it is uncovered, blind eyes will open, and many who were in delusion and deception will see.  Not all of course, buy many who thought things were different, will suddenly realize they’ve been duped, and suddenly they will be catapulted into reality as never before.  

Many daughters and sons who have gone the way of the world, will have the veil of the devil and the world removed, so that they can begin to see and will have visitations of angels and experiences with Me, that will direct their paths.”

A close friend, Jeanie Gustin, also had a vision of a stage she told me about when I read this to her, of those who’ve before been hidden coming forth into the limelight so to speak, just as the Lord indicated in the above paragraph.  God will reveal His wisdom and authority through them.

Captured by His love

“I will pour out My Spirit on dry ground of the church and many who have been in error will repent.  Others will keep to the harlot church being formed.  But there will be a separation that widens in the church, and that widens in the world.  It will be more and more obvious who is for Me, and who is against Me.

Watch that you keep dependent on ME for who to yoke yourselves with, and who NOT to.  For I know the hearts that like Judas will sell my people for 30 coins of silver to the pharisaical church.  Did I not say that for some, your daughter in law will turn you in, or a child? Your mother in law or others in your own family will betray you?  

Do not wonder if I separate you from certain “friends”, because many will find themselves protected by the separation from some.  Some do not have sense and wisdom to stay hidden when they need to be also, so not through malevolence, but more ignorance and lack of self control.  There are many who refuse to grow up to the stature needed to walk through this time, and who will be eliminated from the battle like in Gideon’s time, because of their fearing man more than Me.

Many will be captured by My tsunami of Love poured out, and will repent of their past rebellion towards Me.  Many in jail will be set free, and never have a relapse again into that former lifestyle of addictions, or theft, and violence.  Again, remember how much I have loved you through many trials and temptations, through many failures and times of hardship, and give the grace you received at My hand to those who are in need of it now. Keep a humble heart.  The only way to do that is to stay steadfast in the Word, and in My presence daily, that I can keep you.  

I will give you the GRACE to do this, you only have to ask.  I love you SO much, and I am coming to destroy the chains that have hindered you from the full measure of knowing My love towards you.  You will never be the same.  New life is coming for all who will receive it.”


“Many of you in the past have received gifts but it seemed that those gifts waned through many trials and temptations, and with time.  But those things I have done in you before, I will magnify in this hour!  You will receive way MORE, than you can imagine of the gifts I have shown you before.  I had to hold some things back till your maturity caught up with the times you are in.  

Those of you who teach and prophesy will need to have pen and paper with you at all times, or device to speak into, because there will be an abundance of revelation that will bring forth an abundance of writing and words to encourage and teach.  I am doing a NEW THING.  Increase your expectations beloveds, for the times will require listening ears and hearts.”


God bless you,
~  Priscilla

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