The Father Says Today – January 2015

January 31, 2015:   The Father says today it’s good to be still. It’s good to master your mind and your heart and get quiet before Me.  When you get still within yourself says the Father you have My FULL ATTENTION.  There is never a time that you are fully attenuated on My glory than when you get still and just know.  Know who I AM. Know who YOU ARE.  Know that together – you and I together are a majority says the Father.  You can trust Me for the end result and you can trust Me for the process you need to go through to get there.  Trust Me says the Father.  Trust Me and let Me take it from here.  Stay focused without any distraction because you know that the decisions you make every day filter you IN or filter you OUT of My mind and My greatness.

Adopt the Papa-God mentality says the Father. Put aside all panic and worry and desperation.  You are not desperate . Things are NOT bleak!  The only reason you think otherwise is because you are looking in the wrong direction.  Trust says the Father. Know that I am in the room because you are in the room.  Never shrink from the fight because the ONLY FIGHT you CAN FIGHT is the GOOD FIGHT for I am with you.  When the enemy comes at you it is MY FIST that is coming back at him.  Because you KNOW WHO I AM and WHO YOU ARE then enemy always thinks twice before He messes with you.  Can you wrap your thinking around that?  This is your joy and your peace. Be at peace this day says the Father.

January 30, 2015:   The Father says today that My glory in you is changing you.  My glory is lengthening your life.  My glory is changing your life expectancy.  My glory is healing your wounds and binding up the devastations of the disappointments of times past.  The horn of My glory is known and becoming known on the inside of you and is changing you and transforming you in substantive and even visible ways.  It will be said of you “What is that light on their countenance?” and the answer will be “It’s the glory of God…”  My glory is on you says the Father and My glory is in you.  My glory is changing and shifting and accelerating My life – My irreducible Zoe life within you in substantive ways.

So do not count your days with the calculus of man for man does not take into account the effect of My glory within you.  I am not in you just in visitation as of old – I am in you by habitation.  I am making My home within you and the cloud by day and fire by night that led the children in the wilderness is leading you and protecting you and provisioning you.  Even those around you will be provisioned out of the glory that I’ve placed within you.  Even your clothes will not wear out or become unusable – all because of the glory.  You are a receptacle of My glory says the Father – embrace the glory and revel in the glory and channel My glory out from you to others as your testimony of My faithfulness.

January 29, 2015:   The Father says today you must learn to master your own impatience.  You’ve asked for power but I’ve already given you power.  Exercise My dunamis, My exousia power as the enablement to be still.  Be still and hear . Be still and know. Be still and anchor yourself in the silence between your own thoughts for that is where My voice is insinuating itself into the stream of your own consciousness.  Hear the rumble of My laughter says the Father for “he that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh…”  Don’t allow the humor of the enemy’s assault to escape you.  The enemy is so going to be routed in your life and turned back.  Let the quiet hum of rejoicing and joy and laughter gain in momentum and come to a new level on the inside of you.  Let My joy be the back drop of your day this day for joy is My kingdom, peace is My and righteousness is My kingdom.

My kingdom in you is not passive but active.  Get past the wondering and doubtfulness about whether I truly set a priority on prospering and being in health – focus on the assault of the enemy that is failing and crumbling even now as you step into My NOW for your life.  You know that your inventory of personal strength isn’t up to the task but I am opening your eyes to see that more are they that be for you than they the be against you.  Stop seeing the enemy and start seeing the angels.  The angels of My power are vectoring into your life to bring about the sure establishment of My will for you.  So calm down says the Father.  Calm down and synchronize your emotions and your mental state to what I am showing you and not the lying vanity of the situation and circumstance that would laughably suggest you aren’t going to make it through.

January 28, 2015:   The Father says today that I will not be contained or corralled therefore you will not be contained or corralled.  The character of My Spirit is that of liberty and where My Spirit is within you is liberation, liberty, freedom and fullness.  I am manifesting in you this day the rejoicing the liberty and freedom brings.  Liberty to breath deep and smile broadly.  Liberty to release and liberty to mount up with wings as eagles above the restriction and heaviness of natural things that you might make your way aloft to that place prepared by Me where you are SEATED and empowered to rule and reign in life.

Death is not necessary to rule and reign says the Father.  Ruling and reigning begins now in you and through you.  Ruling and reigning is your portion now to touch every aspect of your life.  Despair not.  Despair not for I am bringing a wave of healing over you to mend and renew and restore. I am restoring your strength today says the Father.  I am bringing you up out of the pollutions of this world and purifying you even purifying your natural body to receive of My glory and demonstrate My fullness.  I am your physician and your healer.  Sickness and disease – DIS-EASE shall have no part or portion of your life, spirit, soul or body.  Receive of My fullness says the Father for My spirit of liberty is release upon you this day!

January 27: 2015:   The Father says today be still and just know that I am God.  I am God in your situation.  It is My hand pushing down the mountain of obstacles in your path. It is My hand bridging the impassible abyss that seems to impede your way.  Just be still and make a decision to trust Me.  Panic doesn’t serve any positive purpose.  Fear is an emotional carcinogen – reject fear.  Know that you cannot be separated from who I am and you can trust Me even though you don’t know how things will turn out.  Trust Me for the end result and trust Me for the process of getting through it all.  Stand with Me says the Father because fear will cause you to stand against what I am doing to deliver you.

Make a decision that YOUR WILL your human will shall become the vehicle of spirituality and strength that I am releasing to you this day.  Be drawn – allow yourself to be drawn into deeper trust in Me.  Look beyond your own challenge and be a source of strength for others.  Determine within your heart to be OTHERS ORIENTED when the pressures of life tempt you to think only of yourself.  This is the key of stepping out of failure into the NEVER-FAIL territory of My love.  Under your most intense pressure turn out of the way of self interest and self focus and go out and love someone completely unexpectedly.  You will see your breakthrough as the result.  For I am your safe guard says the Father – I have everything under My control.

January 26, 2015:    The Father says today put off the sackcloth of regret.  Set aside the wistful regret of how you wished things had progressed in the previous year.  Forget the past.  Forgive, release, and bless those that wronged you.  Move on.  I have better things for you than to wallow in the mire of disappointment and sorrow.  Am I not better to you than a thousand breakthrough moments?  I am bringing and shifting you into a lifestyle of habitation and glory not just an occasional visitation.  No longer is there a need to wait for the troubling of the water.  I am with you now.  I am before you.  Would you be made whole?

This is a new day.  New according to your expectation.  New according to the measurement of your willingness to hope.  There is no joy in fatalism or a survivalist mentality.  Plan for that which is new and that which is descriptive of the fullness of My power showering upon you and washing away all the disappointments and disillusionment of seasons past.  You are not TIME BOUND beloved – you are ETERNITY DEFINED.  Because I have time you have time.  My promise, MY HIGHEST PURPOSE is still on the table and My plan for you cannot be overthrown.  So rejoice and step forward.  Enlargement of step comes as you commit your way wholly to Me and be willing to risk in anticipation of My faithfulness.

January 25, 2015:    The Father says today that your life matters.  The time of your birth, your childhood, your personal history are all bounded by My plan and I am poised to break in to your circumstance at any point that your joyful surrender authorizes Me to act.  My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy. Joy in your heart is what occurs when My kingdom is about to pierce the darkness around you and manifest My light, My miracles and My favor.  Do not allow anyone or anything to rob you of your joy.  Those who see depression and despondency as a component of spiritual mysticism don’t have a clue as to who I am or what I am available to do in their lives.

Cease with the endless replaying of worry and fear and the dialog of unbelief.  Stir up the wells of joy within you and you will see the resources of power that I have positioned directly in your path.  Nothing can separate you from Me so stop worrying that I am not near. I am as near to you as hands and feet – as near as the breath of your nostrils. Breath in peace, breath out joy and move forward in the entitlement of one who is My beloved. I am good.  I am always good. I am manifesting My goodness in your life in unimpeachable and undeniable ways.  Be encouraged says the Father.  Be lifted up in your expectations for in nothing shall you be defeated in anyway.

January 24, 2015:   The Father says today that I am moving in your life with an unbending intention.  I am used to getting My way says the Father and I don’t take it lying down when the enemy presumes to impede My blessing in your life.  Do not allow what the enemy is attempting to distract with you beloved.  Embrace My intentionality in your life and don’t be concerned with what the losing team is up to.  This is the peace that passes understanding. Let this peace guard your mind.  Let this peace come NOW.  Let My peace cause you to feel My love and My joy as a tangible thing even when the enemy is beating your door down and shouting his endless (and pointless) threats.

Live FROM and live IN breakthrough.  The breaker anointing is upon you and because I live inside of your heart the breaker anointing IS YOU.  Come to the place that you mature out of the need for a succession of breakthrough events into a lifestyle of consistent overcoming at all times in all circumstances.  Fear not says the Father.  Your biggest problems are SO NOT A CHALLENGE to My goodness.  Learn to laugh at the enemy.  Stand between My legs, wrap your arms around My knees and stick your tongue out at the enemy for I will not allow Him to molest you in any way.  Dwell in this light Beloved.  Dwell in this presence for this is where My total love will manifest total power and bring total relief and joy in the midst of the clamor of the world around you.

January 23, 2015:   The Father says today PUT OFF the sackcloth of mourning over the things of the past.  No more crying in the night or questioning the why’s and wherefore’s of those things that you cannot explain or justify.  It is My hand at work in your life says the Father.  Put your confidence not in the arm of flesh or waiting for others to hear from Me before you find freedom, and launching and destiny.  No man will be able to say that they authored My greatness and goodness that has come upon you.  I am a jealous God and will not share My glory with another.

My glory and My jealousy are within you says the Father.  Every answer, every breakthrough, every need met and your highest heart’s desire will be fulfilled from MY FULNESS and GREATNESS and GLORY on the inside of you – enthroned in your heart. Receive the diadem of My glory this day.  Receive the rod of authority and rule for I have made you a principality and a power to put down all rule and all the power of the wicked one.  You will not be defeated says the Father.  You will not be denied.  You will not be turned back as you LISTEN to My voice and response in faithful obedience.

January 22, 2015:   The Father says today I am releasing new hope, new life and new expectation upon you.  As a soaking rain after a dry season I am moistening your spiritual bones and causing your spirit to become fat with My goodness says the Father.  I declare to you this day that the lean years and lean times and lean expectations are this now dissipated from your life and you will know newness of joy and newness of My substance in the midst of your need and your frustration.  It’s who I AM and what I do says the Father.  I am this day the originator of a NEW JOY.  No more feeling like a prisoner of hope bound off and denied that which you have longed for and cried out for.  This is a new season and new purpose that is being manifest to lead and guide you out of captivity and into the full bandwidth of My promise.

Bind your spiritual shoes on your feet says the Father.  Take the staff of My authority in your hand.  Behold the doors that have been locked against you are opening of their own accord even as the angel delivered Peter from the prison house so I am delivering you out of the empty and vain religious expectations into fullness of life and power and the demonstration of My Spirit.  You are called to be a demonstrator and I say to you this hour that you are a first partaker!  You are partaker and a participator for your past will not dictate your future neither the opinions of man.  You will not be limited by what man thinks for even those who have criticized when the see My evident goodness in your life will seek you out as the Magi sought out the birthplace of the babe for I have set My sign in the heavens above you – the sign of rule and favor even this day and this hour this is your portion!

January 21, 2015:   The Father says today that your spirit is My house and I want you to be familiar with My environment within where I have chosen as My seat of government in the earth.  Your spirit – your human spirit never sleeps and it never slumbers.  It is always out there working on the areas of need in your life by My plan and My purpose.  Never allow yourself to have an empty house for your inner man is a coveted piece of real estate in the realm of the unseen.  I so coveted to make My home in you that I sent My only begotten Son to make it possible.  Your spirit man says the Father is My point of entry in to your life.  Guard your heart and guard your spirit not allowing anything to enter your spirit through the mind or emotions that would contaminate or corrupt My throne room on the inside of you.

Your spirit always communes with Me and sups at My table.  When you give your spirit the ascendancy over your emotions and your mind you have made Me Lord over your life in a practical and practicable way.  This is the pragmatism of spiritual things says the Father. Walking with Me is more than carrying about in your heart a sentiment of love toward Me.  My Lordship in you is active and practical and as you implement My thoughts and My ways in your life you will experience My Lordship in a manner that will put you over even the highest obstacles and greatest threats to your peace.  So OPEN UP YOUR SPIRIT to My life and to My indwelling and I will make My home in you and set up My boundaries of blessing and protection over you after a fashion that you have yet to experience in fullness.

January 20, 2015:   The Father says today I am your Jehovah-Nissi.  I am the Banner over you that the angels of heaven are vectoring in as a signal of glory from My throne.  They are approaching for your benefit and working toward your blessing.  My banner over you is a banner of hope and a banner of restoration.  I am renewing your hope that your faith might bring into substance all that I have promised you.  Yes says the Father YOUR faith is doing some things in your life that you have been waiting on Me to do.  Your faith is the signalman that is bringing My favor in for a landing in your life.

Remember those countless individuals I spoke these words to: “Be it unto you according to your faith…”  This is likewise the faith that you have and the faith that I have released to you as My unconditional gift.  Your faith is a “be-it-unto-you-as-thou-hast-said” kind of faith.  So be determined to act now and to speak now for this is that rare moment when those things that proceed out of your mouth will become as effective as if I said them or did them.  This is not accomplished by the will of man but by My faith that I have planted in you. Have My faith yes – HAVE THE FAITH OF GOD.  Look to My banner – My hope in your life.  You will not be disappointed or turned back or denied says the Father!

January 19, 2015:   The Father says today that you are accepted in the Beloved.  Your access is assured to all that heaven affords.  There are no secret handshakes or hidden agendas in play over your life that result in denial or being turned back from My blessing in any way.  Reject this day the convoluted theology of unbelief that suggests that I somehow place a premium on suffering, rejection or denial of heaven’s best.  My plan, My only plan for your life is abundance, provision and redemption.  I know this is not what is being taught.  Choose this day to a Father-pleasure and refuse to feed on the pig slop of twisted religious thinking that would deny you the very thing that I suffered to make available.

Receive and drink deeply of My fullness this day says the Father.  There is no suffering left to be endured.  Know in your heart that Calvary is enough.  Say within your heart that the suffering of Calvary was enough to secure all the benefits of salvation, redemption and glory.  There is no redemptive rigor or cost yet to be carried out says the Father.  The full weight of divine justice and the curse of sin was laid upon Me upon the tree so that you might know the full and complete provisions of My promise.  You are walking in a season of promise says the Father.  I am not denying you.  I am not delaying you answer or ignoring your cry.  I am at your side, as close as hands and feet as near as the breath of your nostrils.  Breathe in My Spirit and see the substance of all My promise made manifest in your circumstance and situation.

January 18, 2015: The Father says make it your purpose to embrace today My intentionality in your life. In so doing you will by your obedience to the mandates of My mind turn defeat into triumph and stagnation into dynamic life in My kingdom. Think today the thoughts of one who has put on the “Ascension Mind” even as I said in My word. Mind not earthly things says the Father. You are an ascended and entitled son of the Most High God therefore see yourself and your circumstance from the perspective of “highest heart’s desire” and “greatest dream fulfilled”. Anxiety, worry and fear are banished in the peace that comes when you embrace My intentionality toward your life.

My goodness is a tangible thing in your life says the Father. My goodness lightens your countenance and advances you forward with quantum steps that require no entrenchment or regrouping to cope with the assault of the enemy. So recalibrate your perspective toward not merely waiting on an event of transformation but see yourself living a lifestyle of constant transformation and breakthrough. Learn how to BE and not just wondering what to DO. Relax in My presence and see the activity of your spirit – your human spirit synchronize with the working of My Spirit and accomplishing ALL things that you have cried out to Me regarding and much, much more My beloved. This is living life in the “Jesus Style”!

January 17, 2015: The Father says today that My Spirit within you is a distinct and sure presence within your whole being this day. I am not in some miniscule dwelling point within you – Beloved I occupy your whole being body, soul and spirit. Say within yourself today that there will be no opposition within you not even in your physical being for your limited vitality is being infused with the energy and vitality of heaven even that life and strength which is resident within Me and NOW within you. I am your life and I am your breath and the same Spirit that raised up My physical body from the grave yes even so is on the inside of you this day to heal and to fill and to reconstitute your health and your youth and your strength.

I will says the Father leave no area neglected in any aspect of your need this day. Lift up those hands that I have made holy and rejoice for your life and your breath is being renewed and transformed. Receive the transformation and the reconstitution even of the vitality of the early days of your youth when you ran and rejoiced in the strength that I put in the very heart of you. Refuse to be despondent today. Shake yourself as Samson shook himself and My strength will come upon you to accomplish and to excel and to redeem the days that the enemy has sought to rob from you with waves of exhaustion and frustration. Rejoice says the Father and again I say rejoice this day in the strength of your youth that I am renewing under this sun.

January 16 2015: The Father says today that My promise in you cannot be assaulted or diminished by any created thing. Know this says the Father that the enemy of your soul is not equal yet opposite to Me. In redemption says the Father I have imparted to you My uncreated and sovereign substance. I breathed my eternal nature into you that you might taste of the powers of the world to come. I have given you in the cross of Christ and in the earnest of My Spirit a full measure of my limitlessness by which I will not be bounded or contained. Because I will not be bounded or contained says the Father therefore you will not be bounded or contain for you are My possession.

You are mine says the Father, and I am yours. My sovereignty is in you and is at your disposal for provision and breakthrough. Mercy and truth rejoice together over you this day! Receive the full measure of all that I am in eternity as your temporal provision and resource. Put down all rule that would rise up against. You will NOT be ruled by lack or by sickness or by ANY DEPREDATION of the enemy for I AM that I AM and I AM on the inside of you ENTHRONED and RULING and RIEGNING over your life from the smallest minutiae of your need to the highest mountain of adversity that might loom in your way.

January 15, 2014: The Father says today you are not being turned back you are being turned on. I am turning you to victory, turning you on to My power and turning you on to My sovereignty that is partnering with you today to catapult you beyond the current impediments and obstacles before you. The hindrances before you are illusory says the Father and they will yield to the faith – MY FAITH that is operative in you right at this moment. You see says the Father My sovereignty is a place you live from and stand in so that the fiction of resistance on the enemy’s part just dissipates from your life like a morning mist.

Do not be discouraged. Do not be distracted. I am neither discouraged or distracted and I am in you so relax into My audacity and My confidence for I have placed My character and composure on loan to you says the Father to get you through the day with joy and not worry or fear or hesitation. Smile says the Father. Rejoice. He that sits in the heaven’s shall laugh. You can look back to the defeats of the past but THIS is NOT that day or that season. It’s going to be different because YOU are different. You are closer to Me than you were then and you understand more of My nature. Rejoice says the Father – this is going to be fun!

January 14, 2014: The Father says today that I am peeling back the layers and sediment of disappointment and disillusionment that have shattered your dreams. I am restoring to you the credulity of your spiritual youth. I am reconstituting this day child like faith in your life. Even as I said in my word come unto me as a little child. I am taking you to myself says the Father and I am sending you in the midst, yes in the midst of the men of letter and the doctors of theolgoy who think they are the arbiters of truth and my revelatory understanding of My word. I will bring a word of demonstration through your life says the Father that will upend the status quo and release miracles – YES unusual miracles and signs and wonders into the earth says.

This is the day that I have chosen to bring you forth as an instrument in My hand. And you would say Lord, I am but a child but the Father says to you this day I have set my seal upon your life and determined and chosen you not because of your qualifications, but because of your willingness to be bendable, spendable, and sendable in My kingdom purpose. So get ready says the Lord for everything changes even this day. You will look back and be astonished at the shift and the transition and the change that I will effect in your life. You will look and marvel and say “this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in my eyes”.

January 13, 2014: The Father says today do not let what you cannot do get in the way of what you can do. I have called you to be a DOER and in the DOING is the launching you have dreamed of. My kingdom does not come with observation – you must act. Things are the way they are because of what you are doing, if you want something different you must DO something different. My mind and My heart and My courage are available to empower you and direct you toward the geography of change that will give you a whole new map to chart your life by.

You are not bound by the limits of man or those circumstances, situations or people that do not reflect what I see when I look at you. I am not limited therefore you are not limited but you MUST act says the Father. Say within your heart NO MORE LIMITATION, NO MORE LACK, NO MORE DENIAL. I am breaking this day the illegitimate authorities who have spoken illegitimate words over you that DID NOT originate in My truth. Settle it now that your cry will be THAT WILL BE ENOUGH OF THAT! No more says the Father for I am with you and this moment I am holding the door of escape open to you

January 12, 2014: The Father says today that I have called you to be a SEER, a SAYER and a SOWER. I said in My word “write the vision and make it plain…” You are a SEER says the Father. Be bold enough and hopeful enough to actually substantiate your heart’s desires by committing pen to paper. Do not allow the circumstance or other people to dominate the canvas of your expectations – for I have encoded within your desires and longings and hopes the DNA of the very things that I determined before the foundation of the earth to come to pass in your life.

SEE says the Father. Command your eyes to see and your mouth to SAY what you see. Do not lend your voice or your lips to the problems, the impediments, the doubts or fears that loom before you. Refuse to substantiate by your words the threat of the enemy to deny you highest heart’s desire or greatest dream fulfilled. Open your mouth says the Father for I create the fruit of your lips and you are not exempted from that reality. Say and speak and articulate says the Father and the weight of your confession will establish the high watermark of My promise in your life and you will not be denied.

Sow into your future says the Father. Find that treasury superintended by those realizing a larger vision that you are experiencing and make yourself a blessing in their life and their work. Sow liberally. Sow sacrificial. Sow promptly. Your response time to Me will be a direct measurement of My response time to you. Things are the way they are because of what you are doing – this is the path of forward momentum and change. Commit yourself says the Father and you will see the change you have cried out for.

January 11, 2015: The Father says today choose your outcome! Choose your outcome for your will – your power of choice is much more powerful than you will ever know. Determine today says the Father to establish the resilience of choice that is anchored in who I AM in your life and not in the pressure of circumstances. Go ahead and declare who I am to you. Declare who I am to your enemy. Declare to yourself and to your enemy what you know I am doing in your life. I am putting you over says the Father. I am causing you to be an overcomer. I am magnifying Myself in you because I created you to be a mirror of My character and My mercy.

So magnify Me in Me by magnifying who I am on the inside of you. Stop magnifying the problem. The problems that seemingly loom over you do so because you are looking at them through the convex lens of the lies of the enemy. Stop it! How is that good for you? How is that working for you? Are you being reduced by what you are magnifying or are you being upgraded to a new status of entitlement in My kingdom? Use your will this day to magnify Me. I know you don’t always feel like it – do it anyway. Magnify Me and thank Me for who I am with INTENTIONALITY and FAITH. Tell your feelings and your emotions you will get to them later. By the time you come to grips with My goodness poured out in your life your emotions won’t have anything to pout over. Are you ready for this?

January 10, 2015: The Father says today what are you saying to your mountain? Your ability to communicate is not limited by natural means. When I was in the earth I spoke to storms and winds and trees and they obeyed Me. The Holy Spirit that I have imparted to you likewise gives you authority over every created thing. Open your mouth and command the storm, the situation and the circumstance and they will obey you. Your words are infused with the creative Spirit of My breath – it isn’t possible not to see the expected outcome.

Speak to your mountain. Tell the mountain in your path, the storm in your life, the challenge in your way to yield to My words. Your words are the arbiters and implementors of My kingdom. As My words increase on your lips so My government increases in the earth – and in your life’s affairs. This is what it means to move from authority to authorization. The doors, gates and bars are standing open to your breakthrough says the Father – unleash the floodgates of your faith. My words in your lips will not fail. My words that go forth out of My mouth are mighty to save and mighty to deliver and mighty to come into manifestation in your life Oh My beloved!

January 9, 2015: The Father says today that I am widening the aperture of understanding between your mind and your spirit. My thoughts are just on the surface now says the Father you need not exert vain religious energies to hear Me. Just roll over on your back and float down the river of life into the full reservoir of My freshness and benefit and favor. Resist the temptation to carry the heavy yoke or to declare with the ascetics “the burden of the Lord, the burden of the Lord!” For My burden is easy and My yoke is light. My transformative grace is first peaceable and easy to be entreated. You are not a beast of burden you are an entitled child upon whom I have set My delight this day.

So make it your determination to allow My Spirit to establish absolute control over all of the functions, conditions and sensations within you. Reject fear. Reject the limiting thoughts of loss and hesitation and intimidation. These are not a part of My mentality therefore not part of yours. Did I not say “let this mind be in you that was also in Christ”? Adopt this day the Christ Mentality. Think as I think. Cognate as I cognate. Adopt the posture of one who is seated in Christ in heavenly places for that is the position and the posture I have afforded you. The throne room is your native environment and all shortcoming and sin and deprivation has no entrance there for you are My beloved!

January 8, 2014: The Father says today that change is possible in fact change is available. If you can see a thing it is subject to change on the occasion of your faith. Do not rationalize away your blessing. Do not allow death theology to suppress living faith in your life. The things that are seen are temporal – subject to change by the things that are unseen and eternal. I have placed within you as a resource My unchangeable, immutable nature to which all things, circumstances and situations in your life must undeniably bow. Your circumstances must bow to My goodness. The situations of your life must yield to My mercy and My love and My favor that exists within you not as a limited apportionment but as an unlimited resource.

My challenge to you this day is I dare you to drain My favor on your life. I challenge you to tax My power available to transform and refresh and renew your path. Defy with your faith the lack, poverty, sickness that would plague your life. Defy the enemy of your souls with My limitless, unbounded love, favor and power. I will confirm My word – My Logos in you with signs following. I will cause every breath to witness a miracle and every moment to be an unfolding of My astounding – My astonishing grace that is your resource to overcome and gain victory over every circumstance, situation and problem in your life.

January 7, 2014: The Father says today all things are possible – ONLY BELIEVE. My unlimited potential is the only boundary that I have set for your life. The only adjectives that describe My plan for you are ABUNDANT, EXCEEDING, and MORE THAN YOU CAN ASK OR THINK. You need not be sick beloved. You need not be unhappy. You need not be poor or unsuccessful. You are not doomed to spend the days of your earth walk in misery without an exit strategy. The Lord of the whole earth lives within you. Grasp My hand and be directed by My mind. I will lift you out of mediocrity and place you among the Elect of the earth. Princes and kings will dandle your children on their knees. The strong of the earth will acknowledge My greatness that is being manifest on the inside of you.

Lawyers, statesmen, writers and adventurers will come forth out of you. Do you understand beloved there are NATIONS within you that I will bring forth from your natural and spiritual lineage? Yes, the mighty of the earth – mighty in My name and Mighty in My power will come forth from you says the Father. Purpose this day to take that incremental step to advancement in My kingdom – by becoming one who will DO what you see Me do and to think with the thoughts that I think. Thereby the figment of lack and limitation and want will be dissipated from your life and the fullness of joy and fullness of My Spirit and fullness of My provision will find you and fill you with My fullness that filleth ALL IN ALL!

January 6, 2015: The Father says today that man’s power is limited but when indwelt by My Spirit your strength cannot be tapped or drained or challenged. Beloved, ascend into My fullness today and allow Me to be the ALL-IN-ALL that I promised in My word. This is who I am and your full and complete redemption is in My strength. Man may attempt to prevail by his wits or his charm but My Spirit will prevail and cause you to overcome in every circumstance and situation. So do not be distracted by man’s opinion of himself by which he presumes to take unfair advantage of you. My primary nature is that of Lord and Savior and I am on task and targeting every enemy until you come into your highest heart’s desire and My greatest purpose.

Speak to your sense of My righteousness that slumbers within you: “WAKE UP”. Wake to righteousness and wake to entitlement by the shed blood of Calvary. Wake to unlimited resources, wealth and power that you might ascend above the plodding daily grind into a new existence of peace and authority to which I stir you this day. Break off the poverty mentality and reject the sickness, sorrow and death mentality and embrace My promise. Why would I promise in this life if there was no intention of making good? The kingdom suffers the violent says the Father let the violent refuse to take no for answer. Every promise in Me is yes and Amen and as you forcefully press past the tyranny of the sense ruled mind you will lay hold on what I have laid in store for you since the foundation of the earth.

January 5, 2015: The Father says today this is your moment of surrender. Surrender your opinions and embrace My truth. Command your eyes to see what I see and your mouth to say what I say when I look at you and not man. Surrender your choices and trust that My leading however inconceivable will establish your greatest and true desires and My highest purpose. Surrender your addiction to the good opinions of men who would usurp what I have whispered into your heart before the foundation of the world. Banish fear says the Father. Forsake equally the praise of men and the criticism of men. Obey the leading of My Spirit and let your life be a drink offering poured out to Me as a sweet oblation. Yes, says the Father – I delight in your willing obedience even when men prattle and rage and criticize for therein is My singular Lordship over your life brought into evidence.

I am yours says the Father and you are Mine. In that holy transaction every mouth is stopped and every contrary thought of man is silenced and shamed. I will reckon with those who have trifled with you says the Father. They are mine – leave them to Me. Stay focused on the assignment of heaven in your life. Do not give pause to those who overlook and neglect and wipe their mouth as though they did nothing wrong. Love them. Love them unconditionally and keep seeking the kingdom even when others do not agree or understand. Seek My face. Seek My face. Allow the voice of your own human spirit to cry “Holy, Holy” today. I will answer with My thundering YES and AMEN as draw you out of many waters of adversity and establish you in the high place ordained destined for you.

January 4, 2015. The Father says today receive My breath. Breathe in My grace and breathe out My sovereignty. I breathed into Adam and he became a living soul endowed with authority and dominion to subdue the earth and extract from it the blessings I created for him to live in. How much more those who are born again life-giving spirits recreated in Christ and ministered over by angels? That is who you are beloved. Accept no substitutes. Refuse the image of man or the misshapen image of failure that the shadow of past things would cast over you. You are not a failure. You are not without hope. The future is not bleak. You are a principality and a power sanction by the shed blood of Calvary to go out and demonstrate who I AM in the earth.

You are a demonstrator says the Father. You do not have to talk about what you demonstrate. You are a demonstrator of My Spirit and a demonstrator of My power. Determine to know nothing among those you find yourself near except Jesus Christ and Him crucified, raised the third day and set at the right hand of the Father. This is the season of joy and the season of first ripe fruit of the dreams whereby you have dreamed the BIGGER dream and held the HIGHER EXPECTATION! I will NOT disappoint you – make it your purpose not to OPT out of My goodness by negativity and self pity. Wake to RIGHTEOUSNESS! Wake to ENTITLEMENT! Wake to your blood bought authority for I am with you and I will never leave you or forsake you till your personal SHILOH IS COME!

January 3. 2014: The Father days today adopt My mind and My mentality in this new year. As you give way to the mind of the Spirit I have placed within you there will come a change into your life. You will begin to cognate at the velocity that I cognate at and the enemy will not be able to keep up with your purposes or your plans any longer. It will feel as though you are emerging out from under an unshakeable pall that has lingered over your dreams and hopes in times past and suddenly find yourself bursting out into the full sunshine of My favor and My blessing. It has been there all along says the Father but when you allow the natural mind to rule your decisions then you come under the cloud cover of the enemy’s assault.

So let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus says the Father. Reject fatalism. There is no fatalism in the kingdom-minded person. Reject pessimism. Reject sarcasm. Reject defeatism, negativity and cynicism. All of these strongholds originate in the sediments of the natural mind that is contaminated and dominated by sin consciousness. Embrace the Christ mind and know then that your spirit will become a conduit of mountain moving faith that will stop the mouths of the gainsayers, part the waters of adversity and quench the violence of the strategies of the enemy against your life. This is your now season says the Father and a newness of mind and thought is required as you begin to think as an entitled scion of the kingdom and not a cowering sin-conscious waif of the domain of darkness. You are My beloved!

January 2, 2014: The Father says today that My favor is available and exists as an endorsement of all that you put your hand to. As I told the Israelites of old – I will bless all that you put your hand to. Religious mentalities will throw caveats and disclaimers to water down My promises but have I not said “all things are possible – only believe”? Throw out and reject the jaundiced wisdom of dry spiritual death and accept fully the promise of My word. My word is backed by the full outpouring of every drop of blood upon Calvary. My precious blood was released as a cleansing, empowering flow to empower you and enable you and cause you to walk through life with the Christ-mentality and Kingdom Authority. It is time says the Father for a change of heart regarding these things in your life.

I am working with you says the Father. I am the Comforter and the Paraclete – and I have never failed. If I have never failed then why do you allow failure to be in the inventory of your expectations? Step forward says the Father! Understand says the Father. Be bold and expectant for I am at your side and I’ve got your back and I go before you in the assurance of accomplishment and arrival. Fear not! Others have failed yes but they are not your example. Remember My word – “looking unto Jesus”! If you look at any other example you set your sights too low. Press in says the Father. Move onward for I am with you and will never leave or forsake you!

January 1, 2015: The Father says today that I have ordained that you grow, expand and increase in life. You are not intended to be a spiritual pygmy struggling to eke out a survival on the sparse leaving of pious absurdities and dead religion. My nature is that of vibrancy and life. My presence is dynamic and transforms everything I come into contact with. This day I impart to you FRESH LIFE and the fullness of My exousia power. Breathe in of My freshness says the Father and expel from your life the stale, burden laden assumptions of grave-clothes religion.

No more building a wall around yourself. No more insulating yourself from the terrors that never will happen anyway. Make it your determination that you will refuse to cease to grow. My potentiality is the measurement of your capability and not any earthly limitation. Take advantage – TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE today of My infinite energy and power that is surging in you and all around you this day. My life principle indwells you today not only that you would merely survive but that you would thrive in every avenue of your existence. I have set My seal upon you today – releasing the fire of My nature and My Spirit within to change forever your perception of yourself and your experience of My power and fullness!


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