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  1. Austria may not have formally repented of the persecution of Jews from 1938 onwards but their Government in the last 10 years started to make reparation towards their descendants. My mother originally from Vienna and Jewish by blood but not faith, was put on Kindertransport to the UK so she did not die in Auschwitz as her parents did; and she was adopted by a British family and has never returned. Now The Austrian government are paying her an old age pension because they recognise the wrong done to her family and the suffering caused to her. Not all Austrians bowed the knee to the evil of Nazi socialism during the War, although many did.
    Look also at recent cases such as the Klimt painting sent to the US descendants of Jews which was taken out of a Viennese Art Gallery –quite a public humiliation– and given to its rightful US owners –as is portrayed brilliantly in the film ‘The Woman in Gold’ of 2015.

    I visited Vienna in around 2015 and prayed carefully in St Stephen’s Cathedral(Stefansdom, famous medieval Vienna landmark and seat of the Archbishop). It was clear to me the Lord was moving in that place and His Spirit was welcome in that building. But not all of Austria is like that.

    As for the Hapsburg family, Franz Josef, Emperor until 1916, did not permit the persecution of Jews and so many came there to be safe away from the Russian pogroms.

    God is so just and let us pray for many to hear His call and repent.

  2. Veronika,
    Nz just as bad as Australia, but we have a courageous Maori pastor Bishop Brian Tamaki, standing up to them.
    Just been arrested but given bail.
    He is fighting the good fight
    The Lord has given me a promise. ‘I WILL BRING MY RIGHT HAND DOWN ON THEM AND SCATTER THEM..
    Praise the I Am.

  3. I realize this is from May, 2019, however, Austria has been recently showcased with the police arresting those unvax in their grocery stores. Australia is sending the unvax to internment camps.
    God bless Austria, and when their people rise up and shake off fifty years of socialism & slavery, Europe will follow. This is Your World Father, shake it up!

    • “Austria has been recently showcased with the police arresting those unvax in their grocery stores” – excuse me, I am Austrian, and this didn’t happen. Those are blatant lies. Nobody was arrested for not being vaxxed. The vaccine is not even mandatory anymore. It only was for a short time. Do not spread lies.

  4. Dear Veronika,
    I praise the Father for you and for my people who since the 4th century AD settled and ruled the lands south of the Danube, now known as Bavaria as then, before the Emperor Barbarossa split the land into Bavaria and Austarichia ( Austria) because his cousin, Henry the Lion had got too powerful. Barbarossa gave the Dutchy Bavaria to the Wittelsbacher, Bavarians and Austria to the Babenberger, a Bavarian family nevertheless.After a few generations the latter family had come to an end and Austria was given to the House of Habsburg, because the then Emperor thought they were rathe insignificant.The Crown Jewels of Karl the Great are in Vienna! And the nation and these families still exist, also Henry the Lion’s: he was left mainly with Hanover and Lower Saxony, Queen Elizabeth II is one of his very many descendants.
    Sorry, I had to do this, because not many people are aware of the background of my Nation,, my people. It is logical, that Austria should go first as they are not lumbered with Berlin, therefore my Bavarians will need even more shaking. I too was given that it is beginning, in Austria with Bavarians from North of the Alps. I pray that we will meet in due course if He wills it. Sorry for me waffling, but I feel we are like an umbilicus. God Bless You. PS: If this is not published I will not mind, but I had to write it.

  5. It has been said that Austria, unlike Germany – specifically, the previous West Germany, has failed to take ownership of its Nazi past, preferring to see itself as a victim rather than as a joint perpetrator.  Even people who do not claim to be spiritually aware see present parallels in the intentions to enforce medical interventions and to place restrictions on a vilified section of the population.  I wonder if the enemy has been given a foothold there, because of a lack of national repentance? 

    Similarly, in Australia, a country reportedly also turning into tyranny, there has been some history of genocide against the native people.  Perhaps, other countries too should look to their pasts, if not to their presents too regarding the legalised practice of abortion.


  7. blessed be the name of the living God, who rules and control the universe. amen. glory be to the Father, Son and the Holy spirit. amen

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