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Stand On My Word! — 4 Comments

  1. Huh?
    Chris, that doesn’t sound Scriptural.
    There must be more to the story.
    God wants Everyone to be Saved.

  2. I have seen many call out to God and beg for mercy only to watch them die. Yet God refused to intervene. They stood on His word and expected Him to save them and sadly they perished, both physically and spiritually. God created everything, and still he chooses he who blesses and curses. God is not accountable to anyone and you can either accept what he does or not accept it, either way your choice is limited.

  3. This is a powerful message, direct and on point! Praise God, I embrace the word of God, this message I will run to finish this race, as I truly believe in God’s infallible word as I read and trust, fully applying his word to my life. God bless you, Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke! Thank God for you, as you bring forth the spiritual nourishment for his people, if they choose to eat and drink, is up to them. But I certainly have a enormous and thanksgiving appetite for the word of God! You are a great blessing to me, I can’t for anyone else, but I am certainly fed from your post daily and I can give God all of the glory and appreciate you for being obedient in sharing this word. God bless you Dr.Sheltrown Reinke, blessed and beautiful woman of God! I say that with respect, as I have received the word of the Lord, which makes me happier than any tangible thing on earth, it is his word that makes me happy, so when you bring forth such powerful words, my spirit is overjoyed to receive. Peace and blessings!

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