A Word for Christian Leaders

This Is Something I Need to Share With Leaders.

So often we encounter individuals who proclaim they are with you in the work you are called to do, but when things don’t go their way or they can’t control you, they turn on you like a rattlesnake.

As I’m sitting here on my couch listening to the voice of God, I want to share a few things I have encountered as I have walked as a leader.

As a leader and mentor, I have found that the hardest people to teach, train or correct are those who feel like they are too anointed to take correction.

The spirit of Leviathan has caused many to miss the move of God, because when God sends them help, they are too busy trying to prove they don’t need any!

One thing I’m finding to be true, is that people are not looking to connect to the anointing or mandate on your life.  Instead, they are looking for a buddy, a friend, someone they can hang out with, not somebody who can impart into their lives and help them get to their destiny.

When you have several different voices speaking into your ear at the same time, there will be signs of instability insecurity confusion and chaos.  I don’t do competition!  There are too many persons, faithful and willing and eager to receive what God has placed within me and life in ministry has taught me.  I find it very hard and frustrating to Pastor or Mentor a person who:

  1. Argues with me every time i try to give them good sound advice.  They challenge your authority in everything.  These persons come to start a revolution against you.
  2. Is so anointed, that no matter what you say, God is always telling them something different from what you are hearing.  These persons were only looking for a platform and an opportunity.
  3. Try to emotionally manipulate you, with the “you hurt me” game.  They use there emotions to secretly subdue your authority to make you look weak.
  4. Are always running here, there and everywhere to get a Word.  They come to discredit your credibility as a leader by making people think that you don’t know the voice of God.
  5. Are always looking for a way to blame you for something, so they can disconnect.  They come to make the congregation question your sincerity for souls, and your ability to handle Kingdom business.
  6. Are always discussing me with other leaders, trying to get them to prophesy something, hoping it will be bad about me.  They come to find some kind of character flaw to get people to question your walk with God.
  7. Are always pointing out the flaws of others without including themselves.  They come to dismantle your support system to create a breach so you can become vulnerable and dependent upon them.
  8. Always comparing me to their former leader. These are persons that just came to your ministry because they upset with their former leader. They trying to use you to get the former leader attention or trying to make you a clone of them.

These are just a few things but there is so much more I could say.

Sometimes as a leader, I want to get some of these people that say they so gifted anointed and called and put them in a Holy Ghost time out over in a corner some where.  All this throwing temper tantrums pouting and threatening these persons doing in this hour.

Not all leaders are Greedy Prideful and Lustful contrary to popular opinion there are some great and awesome leaders that are excellent in character integrity and love!

Some of these people all they need is a altar and some humility so that they can stop thinking that all God wants is their gift.

Being a leader requires so much more than the ability to do works.


Mentors, it’s your job to find those you are called to mentor.

Elijah received word from The LORD about Elisha.  Saul called for David to become his armor bearer.  Jesus chose the twelve disciples.

Stop sitting on your self made throne and go find those that will be your successor.  Those you mentor, those you train, those you teach, will one day have to continue building on the foundation you laid.

God never intends for the vision to die with us when we transition from this life but the work must shall and have to continue.  Listen to this:

  1. Elijah had finish his assignment and his mantle was passed to Elisha and he did double what Elijah.
  2. Saul didn’t complete his assignment so his mantle was given to David to complete and David became known as the greatest king.
  3. Jesus distributed His mantle so that it would be spread throughout the earth, so He deposited into several people.  And His disciples did greater works.  Each one of them knew that the person or persons they were connected to, were there to learn what they knew, because they would one day build on to what they started.

God in His wisdom knows who to connect you to.  What I notice is that people are not mentoring their replacements.  They are imparting, into the wrong vessels, on purpose!

Attacks After Elevation

One thing that stands out very clearly, as a sure pattern, is that after every move of God, after every elevation, after every shift, there is a guarantee that a attack will come to try to draw your focus from your change, transition, transformation.

The enemy will attempt to set a trap, plan or situation, to try to turn your time of celebration, because of your long awaited breakthrough into what would seem to be a burden, or perhaps to make you think that nothing has taken place.

He will try to bring you back into the atmosphere of warfare that you have just been shifted out of.  The sad part about it, is that satan uses those who were there during the process, those who labored with you, sometimes for hours in prayer, who saw your struggles and conflicts, who experienced the weight of your persecution, who said they have your back, to be your greatest attackers, once your have shifted into your greater measure of God’s glory.

If a person is not careful, and not stable and sure in the understanding of what God has done for them, and aware that they are in a new place, those who are connected to them, who now see the newness and can’t comprehend in the natural were you have gone spiritually, will become your persecutors in your new season.

One thing I loved, was to see my leader elevate and move into greater dimension in The LORD.  My constant prayer was, “Father don’t let him be complacent don’t let him stop shifting.  Continue to stir him to hunger and thirst for you.  Let him go from glory to glory that he will be able to accommodate the growth in the people.”

I always said I never want my leader to miss his shift or elevation, because I wasn’t in place.

People can’t pray a righteous prayer for you with selfish motives or secret jealousy.  I’m learning more and more each day as I surrender myself to The LORD with greater sacrifices and a stronger commitment.

My obedience to God and standing on His word without fear and compromise, has been the thing that has caused many to misunderstand me, because my faithfulness remains throughout every storm I encountered.

I’m learning more about not just God’s Kingdom but satan’s kingdom.  Staying continually in the presence of God has helped me to grow stronger and wiser and more discerning in these last days.

I have never regretted any change that God has made in my life even, when these changes caused me to see those I have loved worked with and helped get to their purpose, have to be left behind in my transition.

Learning how to keep moving and to keep your focus are two things everybody needs to learn!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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