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  1. Intercessors prayer/ warriors Let’s defuse the demonic tension in all the countries involved in these mess.Yes Leviathan is behind it. May God deal with it as per Job 41 .Yes Many world leaders are involved but the King of Kings is able to do much more than we can think or imagine for the sake of his children.

  2. The other possibility is that the Russian president, besides his own geopolitical concerns over NATO, is simply testing the leadership (or lack thereof) of Joe Biden, the fake president.

    Throughout the year, as prophecised by Bullock, there will be no invasion, but the bear shall growl, Ukraine will tremble and shake and the jackal Biden will get his feet trapped in the animal trap.

    My interpretation: Biden will try to beat the drums of war and divert US public attention from the Clinton spygate scandal involving his close aide and inflation problems at home.

    But his efforts will backfire as there will be no invasion, and if he sends troops in, it will be a disaster just like the Afghanistan withdrawal.

  3. It is hard to know how to take this prophecy. Ukraine is known to be one of the MOST corrupt nations on earth and also to be complicit with the Biden family in much corruption. So will be interesting to see how this prophecy plays out. At this point I am not sure Russia is the bad guy here even though the media and corrupt Biden would love to have you believe that.

    • I agree, Mark. There’s only one narrative that will ultimately stand and it’s not that of mainstream media. The narrative that will stand is TRUTH.

    • Russia is definitely not the bad guy & this so called war is fake. The USA Cabal Democrats & Fake News are lieing throw their Demonized teeth. Their agenda is all to distract you from the great reveal of liers cheaters & murders in the Government

    • Agreed!  There may be times when the Lord may give us revelation, but we also have some responsibility for seeking out reliable information, which means not listening just to the mainstream media.  There is more of an internal rivalry between various power factions within the Ukraine than a likelihood of an external invasion.  Biden and Johnson appear to be just posturing, bringing even more shame on their respective nations. 

      President Putin at least maintains some Christian social values, which may explain why godless Western leaders – namely, some new world order puppets – would like to remove him. These Jezebel/Ahab analogies have their place but need to be used more judiciously.

      • I was clearly wrong in dismissing the likelihood of a Russian invasion, so I apologise for dismissing this aspect of the word. The lesson is to seek to hear from the Lord directly.

    • The eye of leviathan: Illuminati beast system

      Naboth’s vineyard: Russia/Ukraine.

      Globalist Media are the two false witnesses that slander legitimate elected Presidents:

      Jezebel witchcraft spirit: Soros, Obama and Intelligence Agencies use lies, manipulations & sorcery to cause social unrest and oust legitimate presidents for the beast system which desires to rule over the whole world.

      Naboth: Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovich, slandered and ousted.
      Russian presidents Gorbachev, Yeltsin & Putin, tricked into German reunification by the promise that NAT0 would not expand west, a promise immediately broken. Putin is viciously slandered, always.

      The Russian vineyard was bankrupted & plundered, from 1989. The Ukraine vineyard has been ravaged since 2014, its fertile land now the poorest in Europe.

      • Yes,Valyn. The ” mystery ” of Mystery Babylon is now being removed and Babylon HAS fallen, it’s exposure there to be seen. Our God Reigns! The earth is HIS – AND the fullness thereof! We have been taught to pray, ” Thy Kingdom come!” Well, that Kingdom is arising as Babylon is falling and the stone which struck the image WILL fill the WHOLE earth. Hallelujah!!!

  4. I am praying for both countries.  I am praying for China.
    Even though these countries are in great turmoil now, I know great revival is now happening.
    May God be glorified

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