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Canada: The Spiritual Showdown Has Begun! — 1 Comment

  1. One Sunday morning I went for my walk with the Lord on the trails by my home. I passed a lady who was walking her puppy and we said hello and kept on our way. About 10 minutes later I heard music from behind me, the song Good Good Father!! It was the same lady. She reached out to hand me something, I instinctively reached out as she put a monarch butterfly into my hand, she said she saw it in the grass and the Holy Spirit told her to give it to me. The wings were turned around backwards and it was not moving. This lady walked with me all the way home and hugged me twice with such a love.
    I took the butterfly to Church with me that morning to testify to the love of God and when I walked out of the building to go home, the butterfly came to life, it’s wings turned back around, it jumped out of the vase onto my hand and flew straight to the top of a tree…this is a True story!!
    I’ve been patiently waiting for this Veronica!! I live in Minnesota and am about 2hrs from the Canadian border.
    Upon waking this morning I heard the Words, You ARE the Kingdom of God upon the earth.”
    This is such an exciting time!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! ;)

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