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A Word for The UK — Your Cities, Towns and Villages — 3 Comments

  1. We have been praying for the 4 nations of the UK to come closer and the ‘tribal’ injustices that have come down the generations will be healed. 
    Elizabeth, our Monarch visited Eire a few years ago and was welcomed warmly by many people of Southern Ireland.
    We pray that all the hurts and injustices between us will be healed.
    Brexit and ‘the Protocol’ have stirred things up but I DO believe that God is going to turn around for good
    what satan has intended for evil.
    Watch and Pray.  God will restore His intended boundaries around all the Nations of the Earth.  Hallelujah, Amen.  Let it be So

  2. I too have been hearing of Ireland leaving the EU, having a measure of revival of true faith and getting a bit closer to the UK.

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