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  1. Saw this after I had shared Mama. Thanks so much for the information! This gives the exact meaning of the dream Mama. God is so awesome. You may check for the dream I submitted for urgent prayer for this man & innocent souls. Am grateful to you!

    • Adams thank you for sharing this dream. This will definetely be a point of prayer for sure.
      Absolutely intercession on this for innocent lives to be spared and souls to be brought under conviction! Love in Christ.

      • You’re absolutely right Mama. I have started praying for the President to be humble & repent of his ways & also for God to set souls free from demonic cage. God bless & empower you with more anointing Mama. Greetings to the family. Thanks once more!

  2. Thanks for your permission Mama. On 16/8/22, I was positioned somewhere I don’t know to watch a man took to a small stage alone at the entrance of a dirty dark environment. Opposite the stage was a medium sized cage trapped with many “RATS”. The man faced the Cage with these several RATS & started to boast that he is ” President Daniel Ortega. He was praising himself & boasting in what he has done to people & can still do to people. As he continued boasting, a rat was hiding opposite the cage, suddenly jumped out & ran straight to the cage trying to free the other several trapped rats. The President Daniel Ortega got distracted,shocked, silent & stepped down. End of dream. 
    Mama, I don’t know if there is any world leader by this name, country & whats happening there etc. I strongly believe there are innocent souls being imprisoned spiritually or physically by this boastful/arrogant President & the Lord wants us to pray for this man to be humble & those caged be set free in Jesus man. it’s for intercession please. Again, pray for confirmation Mama. God bless you

  3. Please Mama, I wish to post a disturbing dream I had early hours of 16/8/22 about a man who addressed himself as President Daniel Ortega for intercession. I don’t know anything about him Mama. Please can I post the dream to you under this article? Waiting for your kind response please. Thanks Mama

    • Before you share this is what I found. It may or may not have anything to do with your dream.

      Source: Wikepedia-Daniel Ortega

      “José Daniel Ortega Saavedra is a Nicaraguan revolutionary and politician serving as President of Nicaragua since 2007. Previously, he was leader of Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990, first as coordinator of the Junta of National Reconstruction and then as President of Nicaragua.”

  4. Adams, thank you for sharing. What you said touched my heart. Yes, I believe you are surely a peacemaker.
    You hit the mark, I believe on the nailhead, when you called the root out as ego/ pride. Your prayer at the end also! May we cry out to quit stirring the proverbial pot and do some actual good in situations!
    We have to face God one day. He is a HOLY God and while He loves mankind,detests sin. People need to get stuff straightened out on this side. May we all grow up to be mature in Christ. God bless you and family, Adams.

    • Amen to your prayers & encouraging words as usual. God will continue to guide & direct your paths in Jesus name. Sure Mama, we will all face our creator one day to explain all our deeds on earth. May God help us Christians to stay humble, be peacemakers, prayerful, run the race with patience & end well in Jesus name. Thank you so much.

  5. Mama Joyce, lack of unity in the church has being one of many burdens. Note that the church is saddled with so much responsibilities & disunity in the church affects not only the body of Christ but evident in almost every other spheres of life (education, family, marriage, politics, job, health, economy etc) where many Christians work. The root of this disunity is Satan’s evil spirit of ego/pride which has eaten deeply into most Christians who now hate being humble & corrected in love. We can all see the huge, costly result now with so much tensions as everyone pointing fingers/name calling while Satan achieves his aim of making us his slaves. But thank God for the humble & ever praying remnants. Few years ago, I had a brief dream where the word “Peacemaker” was bodily written before me. I woke up wondering but prayed & few days later a case of deep hurt/malice between an aged christian father & his son was brought to me & the Lord took charge. Father, help us your Bride to tackle Satan through intercession, unity & peacemaking in Jesus name. God Bless you Mama.

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