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Where is your Altar of Consecration?

The Word of The Lord on today was, WHERE IS YOUR ALTAR OF CONSECRATION? Our level of consecration will show up in our lifestyle. David realized that He had to pay the full price for his consecrated place. Many times we allow things to take us from our consecration and get us in a realm of carnality. We often allow things to distract us from remaining set apart unto The Lord. It’s time for a real YES!

Respect and Dignity

I WILL SAY THIS AS GENTLY AS I KNOW HOW:  Leaders, you wouldn’t be insecure about your sheep if you would treat them with respect and dignity.

I have never seen so many highly anointed and walking-in-authority five-fold leaders, so intimidated by someone else’s relationship with God and people.

Nothing irritates me more than leaders who disrespect the leaders in their congregation, by ruling over them like a Pharaoh with a phython spirit.  Yes I know, there are some who are out of order and renegades, but not all of them are like that.

We so busy trying to keep people inside the four walls of the church, until we can’t see the good they will do, if we get out of the way and let them walk in their calling.

I’m a firm believer in allowing those in ministry to exercise their gifts and to operate in their calling.  I will say it again, our job as leaders, is to train equip teach and release.  Not to hold back suppress and keep them in bondage because our ego wants to build an empire.

Why have ministry training schools and studies to help them be who they are called to be, then you give them papers to preach, then when God speaks to them to go forth, you want to demote them, say God hasn’t called them, and that they out of order.

The one thing I teach those I am allowed to impart, into is to obey The Lord.

Being a Kingdom leader, you understand that people are connected to you as a link to their destiny.  You understand that God has sent them to you to help them prepare for the coming of The Lord and to train and teach them for their destiny and purpose.  As a leader, you have to know when they are ready, according to God’s timing, and directions to allow them to go forth from the nest, and when that time comes, you can’t be so attached to them that you sabotage their elevation and promotion.

It’s so important right now in the Body of Christ for those who are called, ordained, anointed and appointed by God, to be about their Father’s business.

There are souls that need the preaching of the Gospel to bring them out of sin and bondage.  There is much work to do and a short time to do it.  The signs of the times, let us know that we don’t have time to waste.  Loose those whom you know are ready for Kingdom business.  You can’t do it all – that’s why God is raising up help.

You can’t win everybody – that’s why He has others available.

Why sit your leaders in the four walls, to spiritually dry up.  Let those vessels who are qualified, anointed, and chosen by God, go forth, because if you don’t, God will step in and send them forth anyhow.

Don’t get it twisted just like Saul’s situation with David.  He is only going to allow you to hold His leader back for so long, and that’s so you can get your heart right.

Back to my prayer closet I go!

A Word for Women

Woman, I don’t care if the anointing is running out your eyeballs, you are a bold faced lie, if you say that God told you that you don’t have to listen to anything your husband says, because you were saved two hours more than him.

Your so called anointing, is not greater than the word or order of God.

These Jezebels running around here, trying to control your husbands, because you got a title before your name, and then trying to use it to make them think God is going to curse them or kill them, if they come against you and your out of order authority.  Are you crazy?  Do you think God is going to change His order, because you don’t want to humble yourself to your husband?

Women in ministry can be the most controlling, demanding, self exalting, prideful things in the church.

And another thing.  Just because your husband is not saved, don’t mean he can’t make a wise marriage decision.  Who told you that because your husband is not saved, that you don’t have to discuss what happens in the household with him?

This “because I’m anointed, I’m now the head of the household” demon, is about to be cast out big time and destroyed.  He is not jealous of your anointing.  He not insecure.  He is just not going to let you make him look like a wimp with no backbone, and he not going to be disrespected in his own house.

Tell the truth!  That man didn’t leave you because of your relationship with God.  He left because you didn’t honor and respect your relationship with him!

A real man won’t allow you to make him less than a man!

We’re seeing this spirit too much now and then when somebody’s trying to give you sound advice.  You want to rebel and buck up at them, like you want to actually fist fight, because they tell you, that you that you can’t mistreat and control your husband, just because you have a calling on your life.

That’s the reason why many can’t get their unsaved husband to come to church with them, because of your attitude and actions.  You being used by God, doesn’t mean that you get the privilege to degrade your husband.

God is about to move for the men in a mighty way.  They are coming back to their rightful places in the earth and the Kingdom of God.

You have a husband, but you don’t want a husband, you want a pet ,somebody to put on a lease and lead around!

I’m through for the night now.  I have said enough!  Oh and by the way, you can feel free to delete [from Facebook] yourself because I will not let you think God is please with you disrespecting low rating putting your husband down in front of people and controlling him with manipulation cause you so super anointing self.

NOTE: You are in Timeout, until you realized you are out of control and out of order!

Being a Prophet…

Being a Prophet is NOT a stepping stone to you becoming a Apostle.

Some people need to stay in their lane!  Being title hunger is not cute!  Why we always want to be promoted above our calling.

God has already established who you are and determined who you would be in the womb of your mother.  Some of you need to lift your hands right now and say, THERE IS NO MORE PROMOTION FOR ME.  I AM EXACTLY WHO I AM SUPPOSE TO BE!

Going back in my prayer closet to pray!  That is all!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. This is such a powerful teaching. Thank you Apostle Barbara for the inspiring words. I am so touched by your beautiful words. Amen

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