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  1. In other words, if America should ever turn away from God and His ways, if it should ever disregard His eternal rules of Order and Right, then His blessings, the smiles of Heaven, would be removed from the land. It was an ancient warning.

  2. I often hear the comment, “All we can do is pray.”  Sure, there are many cases where it is all we can do but it in all cases it is what we should do.  Consider how Abraham interceded on behalf of Lot and the city of Sodom.  Had he done nothing his own blood would have perished in the judgment.  Remember your children, your brothers, your sisters, your co-workers and your friends.

  3. Dear brother,
    Our Father bless you for delivering such a warning message.  I do not read all in kingdom prophecy.  Everything must be tested. 
    In July 2014, our Lord showed me two periods of time for 2015.
    Never in 43 yeasts of my walk with the Lord, was a “set time” ever mentioned in anything He showed me.  This is quite exceptional for me that a “set time” was shown.  I would naturally dismiss it because of it but please DO TEST what I am sending you.  Thank you.

    1st period of “PREPARATION” time: January 1st 2015 to June 30th 2015.  This included ALL the new laws and appointments to be contracted, the pope, Russia, ect… just like when you prepare all the ingredients in place to bake a bread, especially with the leaven of sin that must rise in the dough! then put in the oven to bake! then it is baked, ready to be served, shared, sold … That’s when comes the 2nd period of the year, “ACTION” time, July 1st 2015 to December 31st 2015
    Now that everything is baked, ready “à point” the Lord will be “ACTION”
    Genesis 18: 20-21 … the shriek of the sins … of Sodom now that the law has been passed on June 26 2015, the bread full of leaven is fully baked and now the Lord will serve what comes with it (the leaven) “His Action” of serving them of the fruit of their doings.
    on June 30th 2015, at midnight the Lord drew a “dividing line” where history will NEVER be the same as we know it, NEVER❗ Father has decided!  We will see Matthew 24 in “ACTION” ❗
    It is as He said for us His own not to be frightened nor troubled … but the end is not YET.
    My brother, I have a strong witness concerning what you shared, it implies this “ACTION” time on His part as He hears from Father.
    I love your approach and I feel the same way concerning what I just shared with you on my part.  You test the spirits if what I just shared is from Him.
    Thank you and Father, Son, Holy Spirit bless you and sustain you, Numbers 6:24-26 amplified version.  Be of good courage!
    P.S. It is only my third time sending “comments” and I was very much limited in what I wanted to share with you, for lack of space …

    • I do not normally come in to read the comments on the posts Angus puts up on my behalf but something prompted me to come in today.  I have certainly missed out on a blessing as I do enjoy the process of iron sharpening iron through the discussion process that follows.

      My primary discussion strings occur on Facebook but I will begin focusing on the threads here as well. 

      I am glad the administrative team included the post script that I included with my personal thoughts.  During this time it is of great importance that we “sigh and cry” over the sins of this nation (reference Ezekiel 9:4) God is looking at the hearts of His people.  Sadly there are many who simply shrug this off but there are some who take it seriously.  These weep over the condition of this nation.  Also note that these who wept were marked to be passed by when the sword was unsheathed and blood was spilled in the streets.  Take heed.

    • By the way, the word you received, along with the one I did, will be tested and proven soon enough.  Much more is on the horizon but sadly, most are asleep.

  4. Thank you for this word from the Lord , we must continue to share and keep praying for the Holy Spirit to soften hearts that they may receive it and believe it and be prepared for things that are upon us,Blessings

  5. Thank you for sharing our Fathers words with us, they have touched me more than you know.  I am grateful for our Lords Mercy in giving us warning, after warning, after warning.  He is a merciful God and his Love endures forever. May the Lord Bless and Keep you and your family.  Prayers will be sent up from me to our Lord for you and your family.  May the Lords peace and light shine upon you.

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