A Word of the Lord to His Remnant


A Word of the Lord to My Remnant sons and daughters, My Bride In this very Hour.

I AM raising and releasing new and fresh voices with the wind, breath, and life of God.  With My creative power, the power of an endless life, they are not the individual voices of man, but the voice of the Son, in the many sons and daughters.

I say unto you, Arise!  Begin to speak your words of love and life and compassion, for in your words, is the power to release the destinies of individuals, Churches, Cities, Regions, and Nations.

To carry this kind of weight and power in your words, there must be a greater consecration, dedication, and separation from this world.  This day, I am releasing the grace to draw you into Me, that you might bring forth words from eternity, into time.  The grace to Seek My face, till you awaken in My likeness.

The spirit of reformation is coming even now, upon those whom I have chosen to bring forth change.  A great change, that will begin to release more of heaven into the earth.

First to My body, then to the Nations.  I shall begin to open doors and create new platforms, and make a way for these new voices to be heard, and the sounds of heaven, released.

New songs, new messages, new ideas and ways of doing things, based upon the revelation of eternal truth.  For this is the time and the hour for newness of life to flow into My Church, and then into the earth.

SO RISE UP, My precious children, and step forth into destinies and begin to release the sound of my voice, and bring forth those new messages, those new books, those new songs, those ideas, those directions, those new dimensions of My Glory, into the earth!



Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent




A Word of the Lord to His Remnant — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this encouraging word, brother, from our great GOD and LORD.
    That is what, I believe, his chosen ones have been waiting for .Fresh HOLY SPIRIT anointed revival, preaching and HOLY SPIRIT directed kingdom WORK. Unless we have Heavenly sent revival rescue us to a higher calling we are in grave danger. I pray the LORD to rescue us from man made program, and the LORD himself to preach it through his servants with a demonstration of word and power.