The Man called Jesus


There was so much more to this man, than we even talk about.  Even though this is the time we celebrate His resurrection, it seems some find it necessary to throw in their doctrinal take.  I did not know for sure until now, that this note was actually appropriate.  But after attending a different service a couple of evenings ago, I keep hearing the words Jesus said, just before He yielded up the ghost.  It keeps ringing.

“My God, My God . . . Why?”  He cried out very loud.  He was not talking to Himself.  My Friend, was suffering beyond anything any of us, have ever felt or had to bear.  I would like to cite another interpretation: “Why, have You abandoned Me, leaving me helpless, forsaking and failing Me, in My need?”  It has been said numerous times lately, that it is one thing to know about Jesus Christ; it is yet another thing, to truly know Him.  It seems that we have spent a lot of time and effort, focusing on the Book of Acts, but just how well do we know this Jesus; is it more than we once knew Him?

He had feelings.  He wept at times.  We once sung often, “What a friend, we have in Jesus;” you know the song.  But you know, it took me years, to find out that He never left me; I never was forsaken by our Lord.  I began to learn some years back, that He went through so many things, just so we could know, He really did understand.  We’ve felt forsaken; some of us by our parents, our siblings; and yes, even by God.  Strange, isn’t it, how it all fits together.  I heard it today, about how the disciples must have felt, when He was no longer with them; and then, discovered, His body was missing.

I found myself asking today, what if He had not risen.  Where would we truly be; what hope would we have.  You see, I am so glad, that after He went to hell to preach, He came back and walked among those that had followed Him so closely.  He was seen by many; we really don’t know all of the things He did during that time.  We can’t relate, to the fact, that His own disciples, did not really understand what it was all about.  And oh, how they must have felt, when He said goodbye for the last time, and began to rise up into the cloud.  It must have been so hard, to let Him go; to give Him up.

We sing, “Because He Lives.”  But the true reality for me today, is that I can not do anything, without His help.  I’m so lost, if I somehow can’t locate Him.  One should read, Psalm 22.  David felt forsaken; in a really terrible way.  I suspect, some of us may not really know these people; because one of the real forefather’s of this King, literally said, “I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.”

Doesn’t it all sound so familiar.  I am glad the Lord got up from that place; and He is still walking among all His people.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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