A Word of The Lord to the Remnant

A Word of The Lord to the Remnant:
The Finishing Touch


Many of you have been going through great refinement, fiery trials, an unusual level of persecution.  You have been pressed out of measure.

The warfare and the attacks have been relentless and sometimes you have wondered whether you will make it.  You have been betrayed, back stabbed, whispered about, slandered and totally rejected by people whom you have poured your hearts out to, and laid your lives down for.

Congratulations, says the Lord!  You are passing the test, the final test before your hour of promotion from the prison, to the palace, from the gutter, to the throne.

These fiery trials have been designed to burn out the infirmities and weaknesses of your natural minds, to cause you to press into Me, says the Lord, that you might be Healed of All your Wounds, so that there might be no mixture in the rivers that will flow out of your bellies.

So that only the pure waters of life might come forth, so that men may taste Me, and not you, the things that I have declared over you in your prayer closets, are about to be spoken over you Publicly.

This is the hour of not only the release, but the manifestation, of your Promotions.  You have waited patiently, and at times you thought you were crazy concerning the dreams visions and promises I have given you.  No, you are not crazy!  You have the spirit of love, power, and of a sound mind, and yes, you have lost your minds and you have gained My mind, My Heart, My Love, My compassion!

You are My over-comers, My beloved sons & daughters, My champions, My deliverers.  I took you through the hard paths so that you would be prepared and equipped to deliver My people and those experiences have made you strong in Me and the power of My might.

You are My present day Daniels, Moses’, Elijahs, Pauls, Deboras, My Jeremiahs, My Marys, My stone cut out of the mountain.  People, My end-times champions, My more then Conquerors, people, this is your hour to shine, to rise, to heal, to deliver, to set the captves free.  This is the hour of your anointment, your ordination, the completion of your preparation, go forth in the fullness of My love, life, and power, and do and be all that I have called you to do, and be.  

I have prepared the way for you, and all of heaven backs you, says the Lord.


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  1. Amen I receive this word in Jesus Name!!!!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!!! Only by your Grace could I have come to this point in my life, I love you LORD with all my heart!!!!!

  2. I have read Samuel 3 yesterday morning and now as well…i kept reading it for i was drawn to it and could t hear what He wanted to say until now. Everytime for 2 days, when i felt like a stirring, i kept coming to the sites to hear what the Lord says but then it was silent …this morning, i understood that the tugging is the Lord calling to hear Him directly and not to go to the sites to read what the Lord says via them…that in today s times there is many via whom the Lord s word come but even so…the Lord still wants us to discern when He is actually the One tugging at your inside for you to sit and listen from Him …also it is time. He has seen the years go by and saw you growing up. Those days the word of the Lord was precious cause He didnt spoke through so many voices…but today He does and people can easily recognise His message among the voices but He still wants to feed us directly with His hand and we need to get quiet and say Yes Lord I hear it is YOU..speak Lord and know that it is precious. We must not just get the LORD s word via sites which is wonderful and great, but must be attentive to discern when He wants to speak and when it is Him leading you to a word or teaching or encouragement etc. Via someone else He is using in your life that moment…praise Him for using so many in your life and praise Him for talking to you directly as well…speaking to you His son and daughter and anointed. It makes me think of songs of solomon…when your Lover knocks, stand up and open the door dont miss out…it is He..sometimes in the middle if the night and at strange times or inconfenient times according to human nature. Amen.