A Word to the 5 Fold Offices


I heard the Spirit say, “Tell My People to listen and pay attention, for I AM now releasing WOW! words over them that will take them to new levels and dimensions of My Glory and power.

Words of Wonder are being released!”

A Word to the 5 Fold Offices:

I heard the Spirit say, “Repent!  Of your pride and arrogance.

Repent!  Of your selfish ambition, unbelief and rebellion.

Repent!  Of your religious traditions and man made agendas.

Repent!  Of your sin.

Repent!  And be reconciled with one another.

Return!  To the heart of true servant-hood and you will receive honour and the crown of glory as servant kings in My House,”  says God.

“Humble yourselves and wash one another’s feet with the tears of repentance and watch as I begin to restore, reveal, revive and rebuild in the midst of you.

Watch My beloved, as my hand moves upon the coming together of your hands in unity, love, honour and true submission.

Look and see!  For the key of David is yours!  Take hold of it in unity and repentance.

Listen!  For there is a sound of turning, turning in the realms of the spirit. 

It is the sound of a great unlocking and releasing for a divine and supernatural shift and realignment is taking place over My Church in this hour,”  says God.

“Behold, an open door stands before you.  Come, step inside, for a restoration movement has begun,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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